Homemade Candy Recipes

You will love Grandma's homemade candy recipes! Especially if you love treating yourself to candy, fudge, and chocolates. Few people have ever tasted authentic homemade candies like these.

The candies you buy today simply cannot compare. Homemade candy has a unique texture, and a sensational melt-in-your-mouth taste experience that store-bought candies cannot match in a million years.

For instance, try a plateful of Grandma's vintage fudge and simply taste the difference. Or have you ever tasted opera creams? Enjoy the experience.

Homemade Candy Recipes

Colorful Rows of Homemade CandiesMake a Variety of Colorful Homemade Candies
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Making candy is so very easy when you know how. Even on those rare occasions when it doesn't turn out, the mistakes are often delicious.

Just follow the homemade candy recipes and don't ever be afraid to experiment.

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How to Make Candy Series

Homemade Candy for Special Occasions

The Fun of Homemade Candy Recipes

Making your own candy is inexpensive and fun. And it's made easy with the help of Grandma's recipes. You'll enjoy making your very own treats such as chocolate fudge, toffee, praline, peanut brittle, chewy caramels, old time stick candy, chocolates and lots more!

Back in the 1950s, when I was a young boy, most families made their own snack foods. After the evening's farm chores were finished, we would pick a favorite fudge recipe and Mom would make a large plateful of candy.

We all sat nibbling on it as we listened to the antics of Fibber McGee and Molly, our favorite old time radio program. That old tube radio would start to buzz sometimes, and it was always my job to run over and give it a tap to clear the sound. We didn't want to miss the unforgettable clatter when McGee opened his hall closet!

The homemade fudge was especially delicious, and it greatly added to our evening's fun. Wonderful memories that will last me a lifetime!

Why not get your family involved in making homemade candy? With Grandma's collection of homemade candy recipes and a little practice, you will easily master the art of candy making. Make some candy tonight!

All-Natural Ingredients

Grandma's homemade candy recipes call for basic, fresh ingredients. Why use artificial flavors when all-natural ingredients like honey, nuts, cream, and chocolate make the best flavors?

And by using the common, everyday ingredients found in your kitchen, the cost is often much less than store-bought candies. And not only are they better for you, but the taste is better too!

Egg Safety Tip — Some no-bake recipes might call for raw, uncooked eggs or egg whites. To avoid any health risk, please visit my Eggs and Salmonella page for simple instructions on how to safely use the old time recipe.

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