Tasty Old Fashioned Cookie Recipes

Grandma's old fashioned cookie recipes make the best cookies from scratch you've ever tasted. These homemade cookies are wonderfully inexpensive to make, and their ingredients are so wholesome that you and your children can eat them freely.

You will love seeing everyone enjoying your old time cookies. Heck, they'll rave about them! And they might even steal them! (Read more about that below.) But, don't worry, you can always make a fresh batch in a pinch.

Old Fashioned Cookie Recipes

Assorted Homemade CookiesAssortment of Grandma's Homemade Cookies
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Cookie Cutters, Sheets, Jars

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Thanks for the Memories

Bob HopeBob Hope Performs at USO Show Overseas c. 1960s
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Bob Hope wasn't the only one who had fond memories. I can recall when growing up on the farm, there was always a large tin of freshly baked cookies sitting in the pantry.

I was told not to touch them, but I often sneaked one or two when Mom wasn't looking — okay, okay — I confess. I sneaked a handful.

Sometimes I got caught, but Mom never complained too much. She loved to see us enjoying them, and she could always bake more when needed.

Tucked away in the happy carefree memories of childhood, everybody has a special cookie jar or tin. Maybe it sat in one corner of the cupboard, or maybe it was set high up to keep little hands from removing its contents too easily.

Sometimes the jar was filled with sugar cookies, sometimes with hermits, and at other times with crisp, golden ginger snaps. Whatever cookies it held, its contents were always a household joy to children — of all ages.

Homemade Sugar CookiesWhy Not Make Some Homemade Cookies Today?
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Now, thanks to Grandma's old fashioned cookie recipes, your children will have their own fond memories. You'll find recipes for a wide variety of homemade cookies above. They're so much fun to make that you'll want to try them all.

When it comes to homemade cookies, you can never have too many on hand for unexpected guests, and they also make a wonderful gift for someone special, whatever the occasion.

Make Cookie Sandwiches

Homemade Cookie Sandwiches Served on a Cake StandMake Mouth-Watering Cookie Sandwiches
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Here's a great idea for a dessert treat. Make Cookie Sandwiches simply by spreading icing between two homemade cookies made from any of Grandma's recipes.

A Brief History of Cookies

Vintage Housewife Making Cookies

Cookies, small and round, sweet and delicious, have been a beloved treat for centuries. However, have you ever wondered where they came from? The answer to that question is a journey through time and culture.

The story of cookies most likely begins in Persia during the seventh century. At that time, sugar cane was being utilized in Persia, and it's thought that small cakes or biscuits were being baked there. These early cookies were likely simple by today's standards but still provided a sweet treat.

As sugar became more widely available throughout Europe during the Elizabethan Era, recipes for homemade cookies became popular. People would gather to bake these sweet treats in large quantities as a way to celebrate holidays or special events.

The word "cookie" is said to come from the Dutch word koekje which means "little cake." However, in the UK and some Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada many still call them biscuits. In Germany, they are called keks or kels while Italy has two popular cookies known as amaretti and biscotti.

Despite their name differences across cultures, one thing remains consistent: cookies always taste best when made at home with love! And what better way to make them than with Grandma's old fashioned cookie recipes.

Homemade cookie recipes are not just about making something sweet but also about preserving tradition. Every recipe tells its own story; some have been passed down through generations while others were created by someone who wanted to make something new and special for their loved ones.

For example, take chocolate chip cookies. We all know them as an American classic but did you know they were invented in the late 1930s by chef Ruth Wakefield who wanted something different to serve with ice cream. The result of her recipe was extraordinary! A delicious cookie filled with melting chocolate chips in every bite.

Another famous cookie is the snickerdoodle. This cinnamon and sugar coated delight was brought to America by German and Dutch immigrants in the late 1800s. The name "snickerdoodle" may come from the German word Schneckennudel, which means "snail" or "crinkly noodle." But, no matter what you call them, these cookies are a crowd-pleaser at any gathering.

From oatmeal raisin to peanut butter, homemade cookies come in all shapes and sizes and have become an integral part of our lives. Whether it's for a special occasion or just an afternoon snack, there's nothing like enjoying a warm homemade cookie with a glass of milk.

So, cookies have come a long way from their humble beginnings in Persia to becoming one of the most beloved treats worldwide. They have been shaped by different cultures and traditions over time but their appeal remains universal: sweet, deliciousness that brings joy to our taste buds!

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