Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

You'll love Grandma's best Thanksgiving dessert recipes for making perfect pies, cakes, and delectable treats for your Thanksgiving Dinner and for serving to family and friends throughout the year.

The desserts featured below are traditionally identified with the fall harvest. Some dishes are truly unique, and you might not have seen them before, yet all are farmhouse-style delicious and certain to earn you compliments.

Best Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Vintage illustration of an open cookbook and the ingredients for making a pumpkin pie. Pin for later!Make a Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving Dinner
(PD Source: Adapted by Don Bell)

Enjoy a Thanksgiving Short Story

This short entertaining tale by Mary E. Wilkins is centered around a 19th century rural New England family's fond remembrances of a Thanksgiving Dinner that didn't turn out quite as they expected.

History of Thanksgiving Day

Vintage Greeting Card Featuring Good Wishes for Thanksgiving DayGood Wishes for Thanksgiving Day
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The holiday of Thanksgiving is related to the harvest festivals long held in European countries. The first true Thanksgiving in North America is credited to the English Explorer Sir Martin Frobisher.

He established a settlement in what is now the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador where he held a service to give thanks to God in 1578.

Beginning in the 1500s, French Canadian settlers with explorer Samuel de Champlain routinely held large feasts to thank God for His provisions.

Such feasts became common in the autumn among the early settlers, and in 1876 Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by Canada's Parliament as a national holiday:

"A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed... to be observed on the 2nd Monday in October."

Our Americans neighbors look to a Pilgrim feast at Plymouth Plantation, Massachusetts in 1621 as their first Thanksgiving. From that time on, Thanksgivings were intermittently held at various locations and dates until 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed November 26th a day of Thanksgiving to celebrate a year "filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies."

The following year, Lincoln again declared the last Thursday in November a day of Thanksgiving when General Sherman captured Atlanta in 1864.

Thanksgiving Day became an annual tradition in parts of the U.S. following Lincoln's death, and in 1941 Congress declared it a national holiday.

The American Thanksgiving tends to be more commercialized than Canada's, with a four-day weekend, large sponsored parades, and the televising of professional football games.

For both our countries, it's an important family gathering centered around a large meal of roast turkey and stuffing, harvest vegetables, fruit and nuts.

Families select their best Thanksgiving dessert recipes for making the traditional pumpkin pies, cakes, and other treats for celebrating the autumn holiday.

Thanksgiving is generally considered a special day set aside to thank God for one's blessings.

How to Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

Vintage Illustration of an Old Time Cookbook and RecipesEnjoy Traditional Thanksgiving Desserts
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There's often not just one celebration day for Thanksgiving, but an entire weekend of family gatherings to plan for. It has the potential to be tiring.

Before you get your best Thanksgiving dessert recipes ready, pause for a moment and give a thought to yourself and to the meaning of the occasion.

Remember, quality family times shouldn't rely on lavishness and expense, but by the old fashioned warmth of heart and graciousness which you welcome your guests and give them of yourself.

Grandma always encouraged her children to take time out to enjoy Thanksgiving Day and be thankful to God for family. So, allow yourself time for some fun and fellowship.

Try to cut your food preparation times as short as possible. Attempt no more in the way of holiday dessert preparation than your home, your pocketbook, and your stamina permit.

Do that well and with all the beauty that this joyous time deserves, it will be a perfect occasion to remember.

Stereoscopic Image of a Thanksgiving Dinner, circa 1923Vintage Thanksgiving Dinner Setting, c. 1923
(Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C., LC-USZ62-41852)
Girl with an Antique Stereoscope

How to View Vintage 3D Photos: The double image is an old time stereoscopic photograph. It can be viewed by leaning close and staring through the images while slightly crossing the eyes until the two images converge to form one 3D picture in the center. Some people find this method easier to do than others, but it is always fun to try.

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