International Dessert Recipes

Thanks to Grandma's authentic international dessert recipes, you can make from scratch many best-loved desserts from other lands and get to experience the delicious taste of traditional treats.

If you enjoy trying authentic foods from other countries, you've come to the right place. Each pleasurable dessert is made using traditional methods and all-natural ingredients.

International Dessert Recipes

Homemade Greek Baklava with WalnutsMake Greek Baklava and Other International Desserts
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Traditional International Desserts

I have been an avid reader of various recipe websites from across the world, and I am constantly in search of a site that's got amazing recipes and hints for readers.

It was purely by chance that I came across your website, and I must say that I would rate it among one of the best recipe sites I have ever visited. —Susan, India

In cooking, much of our legend and lore, to say nothing of good eating, comes from other nations. For many of us, that's the country our ancestors emigrated from, and the source of our family's favorite dessert recipes.

My Grannie Bell emigrated to Canada from Scotland, and she made the most delicious homemade scones you ever tasted. I loved to eat them when they were warm from the oven and smothered in her thick, homemade orange marmalade.

You cannot simply buy scones like that in a bakery shop. You have to make them yourself from scratch using the original recipe.

You may be trying for nothing more than a creamy pudding such as "Grandma used to make" or a freshly baked pie "like Mom once set on the table," but like as not the taste you seek goes far back beyond your mother's or grandmother's time. We crave those comforting traditional flavors!

Many of these favorite family dishes can be traced back to countries on five continents, and their time-honored recipes. That's true of the international dessert recipes featured on this site, and the amazing desserts you'll be able to make.

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful recipes you publish. I love everything that is retro. Again thank you very much. —Sandra, Argentina

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