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Specific Inquiries

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Email is the way to reach me, and while I do read everything and reply to as much as I can, often there isn't time to respond to questions when the answers are already available on the following content pages:

Dessert Finder — Search to find a specific dessert recipe on this website. If you're looking for a LOST dessert recipe, and you cannot find it on this site, please have patience. New recipes are being added as I find them.

Recipes and Baking — Get answers to your questions about old time oven temperatures, cooking times, kitchen measures, ingredient substitutions, and pan sizes.

These are not modern-day recipes, so I cannot offer specific advice and there's nothing more I can add. And, the fun is in the experimenting.

Kitchen and Household — Read old fashioned solutions to kitchen, household, and laundry problems. I add Grandma's tips to the pages as I discover them in my research. Until then, there's nothing more I can add.

Wanting to Start a Recipe Site? — I disclose how I built this successful food blog and completely answer all the frequently asked questions.

Advertising and SEO — Advertisers may place contextual ads on my site by joining Google Ads. All requests for link referrals and other SEO related offers including linked articles are ignored.

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