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One of my life's pleasures is sharing Grandma's old fashioned dessert recipes with thousands of dessert-loving friends online, in dozens of countries around the world. People like yourself who love to read vintage recipes and celebrate tradition!

My recipe site has grown to over 450 pages featuring a collection of over 2,000 Dessert Recipes! And, pages are always being updated and new recipes are always being added. However…

Thanks to your club membership, you will be kept informed on everything that's new! I promise that I'll always be respectful of your time, so you won't be receiving too many bulletins in your inbox. Some members have said that I send too few!

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What Members Are Saying

Hi Don, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your Grandma's Dessert Club Bulletins. I have made many of the recipes, and they bring back memories of my childhood. Thank you so much… Many blessings. —Sharon, USA

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Grandma McIlmoyle's Little Dessert BookGrandma McIlmoyle's Little Dessert Book
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Grandma McIlmoyle's Little Dessert Book is yours FREE when you join Grandma's Dessert Club today!

What Members Are Saying

Thank you so much for the Free Recipe Ebook! It is delightful! Seeing the recipes written in your Grandma's own handwriting makes it seem so friendly! —Kathy, U.S.A.

Have fun reading this unique 22-page collection of easy dessert recipes from the early 1900s. They are published in my Grandma's own handwriting so this little book really is quite special.

Sample Page From Grandma McIlmoyle's Little Dessert BookSample Page From Grandma's Little Dessert Book
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Imagine trying Grandma's treasured recipes and getting to taste the delicious desserts that families enjoyed over a century ago! It's a wonderful experience, and I'm so pleased to share it with you.

The 22-page Ebook is a PDF file that you can instantly download from a special link that's available moments after you join. Download your Ebook today and keep it forever! (No physical book will be shipped or mailed.)

What Members Are Saying

I just want to say what a wonderful website you have. I absolutely LOVE the old recipes and what really is the icing on the cake is the fact that you have the original recipes in your grandmother's Cookbook in her own writing.

That is absolutely priceless and totally makes your site so authentic. —A.J., Australia

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What Members Are Saying

Hi Don! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy getting your news Bulletins in my inbox! I LOVE recipes, especially the old fashioned ones.

They mean the most since they are made with the one ingredient that cannot be bought in the grocery aisles… Love!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful recipe site! Keep those delicious recipes coming! —Lori, Ohio, USA

Wow! Thanks for the vintage candy cookbook, I love it! I appreciate the work you put into your Dessert Club and wanted you to know how much I enjoy it! —Meg

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! —Jenny, USA

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