Old Fashioned Pudding Recipes

Grandma's old fashioned pudding recipes will help you to make traditional pudding desserts that will taste every bit as good as hers.

Enjoy making delicious puddings that your friends and family will rave about — lip-smacking desserts you will be proud to serve anytime.

Old Fashioned Pudding Recipes

Prepare a PuddingPrepare a Tasty Homemade Pudding for Your Family
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Have Fun Making Old Fashioned Puddings

Vintage Housewife Mixing a PuddingMake a Tasty Pudding Today

Choose an old fashioned pudding recipe and treat yourself to an authentic dessert from the past. These were Grandma's favorites!

You might even find one or two "sugar free puddings" in the collection, though in Grandma's day, few people ever gave a thought to their calorie intake.

Take a moment and think of your favorite puddings: bread, chocolate, custard, corn, vanilla, rice, banana, plum, and we cannot forget the apple crisps and trifles. And that's just a few!

Imagine! You will be able to make all these delicious comfort foods and proudly share them with your family and friends.

A Brief History of Puddings

Puddings are one of the oldest and most beloved desserts in the world. The origin of puddings can be traced back to man's distant past when crude pudding-like dishes were created by boiling available ingredients over open fires. These early puddings were mostly meat-based, but with the coming of refined sugar, cooks experimented with sweeter combinations of fruit and grains.

By the time of Queen Elizabeth the First's reign (1558-1603), sweet puddings made from fine flour, sugar, fruits, nuts, and spices became popular. These sweet puddings were either baked in pans or boiled in a sheep's stomach or cloth "pudding bags."

Queen Elizabeth herself enjoyed serving elaborate puddings at her royal banquets along with an abundance of rich-tasting fruit pies and marchpane (marzipan). In those early days, sweets or sweetmeats were considered essential parts of any banquet or feast.

As time passed on to the late 1700s, few puddings contained meat anymore. Sweet varieties featuring ingredients such as fine bread, rice, and lemon became forever popularized as desserts along with ever-popular trifles.

Many old fashioned pudding recipes published on this site evolved from earlier varieties once made in royal kitchens and crofter's cottages.

So why do we love puddings so much? Perhaps it's because they have been a comforting staple dessert for centuries that brings back warm memories of childhood treats shared with family and friends. Or maybe it's because they are so versatile — there are endless variations when it comes to making pudding!

One thing is for certain — whether you prefer your pudding baked or boiled (or even microwaved!), there is no denying that this classic dessert has stood the test of time.

As you browse Grandma's collection of old fashioned pudding recipes, they will bring back fond memories while also introducing new flavors to your taste buds, and you will discover just how much joy and comfort these sweet treats can bring.

So let's get started on this delicious journey through the history of puddings and rediscover all the wonderful flavors that make this dessert so legendary!

Vintage Birthday Pudding IdeaVintage Idea for Serving a Birthday Pudding
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