Holiday Dessert Recipes

Holiday Picnic 1942Neighbors Enjoying a Holiday Picnic at Rice Lake in 1942
(Source: ©Don Bell)

Grandma's holiday dessert recipes can help you to prepare delicious desserts that will make those wonderful family occasions extra special. You'll find links to the special holiday pages further down the page. Use the old fashioned recipes on this site to make delicious treats for all your parties and family get-togethers.

The History of Holidays

Our modern word "holiday" comes from the Anglo-Saxon halig daeg, or "holy day." That's because the first holidays were days set aside to honor a favorite saint or sacred event. They revolved around services of worship and special feasts which always included "sweetmeats," or desserts.

Nowadays, in our busy, increasingly secular society, holidays are often viewed as simply a day off work, but there are many who still observe holy days like Christmas, Good Friday and Easter.

Traditional foods are a big part of these special celebrations, and tasty treats like Christmas puddings, Easter candy, and Thanksgiving pumpkin pies have become identified with the occasions.

Canadian Holidays

Young People Swimming in River circa 1930Enjoying a Canada Day Swim circa 1930
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Everybody loves to celebrate special holidays, and Canadians are no exception. We look forward to those days when we can lay aside our everyday work and concerns, and celebrate a special event, or simply relax and have fun.

In Canada, we celebrate 12 statutory holidays:

  • New Years Day, January 1

  • Family Day, third Monday in February

  • Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday

  • Easter Monday, first Monday after Easter

  • Victoria Day / The Queen's Birthday, Monday on or before May 24

  • Canada Day, July 1

  • Civic Holiday, first Monday in August

  • Labour Day, first Monday in September

  • Thanksgiving Day, second Monday in October

  • Remembrance Day, November 11

  • Christmas Day, December 25

  • Boxing Day, December 26

We also celebrate several other nonofficial, fun occasions:

  • Robbie Burns Day, January 25

  • St. Valentine's Day, February 14

  • Flag Day, February 15

  • Commonwealth Day, second Monday in March

  • St. Patrick's Day, March 17

  • Earth Day, April 22

  • Mother's Day, second Sunday in May

  • Father's Day, third Sunday in June

  • National Aboriginal Day, June 21

  • Halloween, October 31

  • National Family Week, week before Thanksgiving Day

Our American friends enjoy similar holidays, while our friends in other countries have their own celebration days. Wherever you live, you are sure to find some unique holiday recipes on this site that you can use for celebrating.

Declare Your Own Holiday

Vintage Illustration of Children Enjoying a Seaside HolidayCreating Holiday Memories
(Source: ©Don Bell)

Declare a holiday of your very own! Why not?

After all, you deserve one, don't you?

There are times when we don't need the excuse of an official holiday, we can simply create our own holiday and take a Saturday or Sunday off to go on a picnic, attend a family gathering at the beach, or organize a neighborhood block party.

Desserts always make these occasions extra special, and with the help of these holiday dessert recipes, you can make the best old fashioned holiday desserts imaginable.

Holiday Dessert Recipes

Here's the holiday recipe pages that will help you to make old fashioned cakes, pies, cookies, puddings, candies, and other desserts that can be used throughout the year to make your meals or events special.

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