Vintage Christmas Table Decorations

The following vintage Christmas table decorations can help to make your holiday dessert table appear irresistible.

Attractive Christmas centerpieces and decorations in the seasonal colors will delight your guests and make your desserts even more homey and appealing.

Vintage Christmas Table Decorations for an Old Fashioned Christmas

Mom's Recipe Scrapbooks (1920s)

Lantern Idea for a Christmas Table DecorationLantern for a Vintage Christmas Table Decoration
(Source: ©victoriashuba/123RF Stock Photo)

Use the following vintage centerpiece illustrations as a springboard for your creativity and celebrate an old fashioned Christmas with a retro theme.

And, the good news is, you don't have to go to unnecessary expense. Beautiful homemade decorations can be easily made using affordable items readily obtainable.

Three Vintage Christmas Centerpiece IdeasThree Vintage Christmas Centerpiece Ideas
(Source: Vintage Magazine, c. 1920)

There's something charming and appealing about a vintage Christmas table decoration arranged in keeping with the outdoors.

Maybe you could try something simple like the vintage Christmas table decorations illustrated that are quite simple to make yet look very Christmassy.


A snowman ornament can be a delightful decoration on a small table. He's ready to shovel up a barrel overflowing with candied almonds for your guests.

You could also place him on a side table or a coffee table where your guests will be sure to find him and his treats.


A bright red ribbon ties three large candy canes together to form a tripod which supports a candy basket over a bed of green holly.

Quality chocolates, mints, or roasted cashew nuts might be served in the basket. This makes a wonderful centerpiece for a dessert table.


The dessert itself can be used as a vintage Christmas table decoration that's perfect for the festive occasion. For example, this attractive holly cake can be decorated with either candied angelica or piped icing for the leaves, and it has tiny red candies for the berries.

A Group of Tiny Sledders Offers an Old Fashioned Christmas Centerpiece IdeaChristmas Decoration for a Round Table
(Source: Vintage Magazine, c. 1920)

The tiny sledder figurines on the mirror pond in the vintage Christmas table decoration in the above illustration all add to the fun of this Christmas party table setting.

Create your own three-dimensional holiday diorama using simple materials and suitable figurines. For instance, a miniature Christmas village would also make a good diorama and capture the interest of your guests.

Each guest's "gift" place card might contain a small keepsake, a collectable tree ornament in keeping with the theme, or a special hand-dipped chocolate.

Decorated Candle Arrangement Offers A Vintage Christmas Centerpiece IdeaIntimate Candle Arrangement for Christmas
(Source: Vintage Magazine, c. 1920)

The inexpensive holly ribbon, some narrow red ribbon, and a few red pipe cleaners can be used to good effect for the artificial candle shades and place-card baskets.

Tiny holly wreaths decorate the stemware, and small red candles provide the intimate lighting for a vintage Christmas table decoration.

All the materials for this Christmas candle centerpiece can be obtained from local dollar stores and online craft stores.

Vintage Christmas Table Decorations

Dried Orange SlicesDried Orange Slices and Christmas Tree Decorations
(Source: ©AksanaT/
  • Have a small flowerpot or similar container filled with sand or pebbles to "weight" it down, and in this put a branch of evergreen set upright like a little tree. Pine is especially good for such an arrangement. Since you will, no doubt, want the Christmas colors, red and green, cover the flowerpot with plain red wrapping paper and let the little green tree be your centerpiece.
  • Sprigs of the same green pine can be laid here and there on the tablecloth, and if the dinner is to last on to twilight or to be served in the evening, a pleasing addition to this decoration is to hollow out bright red apples to make natural holders for green (or white) candles of a suitable size.
  • These candles may be set at intervals along a long table, or if the table is to seat from six to ten, a good arrangement is to have four candles set like points of a square about the center decoration. This makes a beautiful candlelight Christmas centerpiece with a Victorian look.
  • Another attractive Christmas centerpiece can be made from winter berries or bittersweet in a vase or bowl, or better still in a little basket set on a mat of cedar or pine. Sprigs of the same evergreen can be mixed with the winter berries, especially where a little basket is used.
  • Also, the foods themselves can offer good centerpiece ideas for Christmas. Use them to add to the color of the meal table — the golden brown turkey, the red of the cranberries, the orange of the squash or turnip. Beware of colorless foods if you want an attractive holiday table.

The vintage Christmas table decorations will add ambience and appeal to your holiday table and help to celebrate a traditional Christmas.

The homemade centerpieces would also be perfect for a New Year's table, and they could be adapted to make a unique table decoration for a winter wedding, or an anniversary celebration.

Simply add some creative imagination to the above examples, and you're sure to come up with novel seasonal decorating ideas.

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