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Take a few moments to read short inspirational stories that will inspire, motivate, and entertain. One of my fondest memories of childhood is sitting on the sunny window seat in our old farmhouse living room while reading the vintage tales below. They will help you pass the time on your desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone should you ever find yourself needing to relax or having to wait for something unexpected.

Selected Short Inspirational Stories

Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds (1905)
by Russell H. Conwell

This timeless motivational tale is must reading for everyone who desires to succeed in life. Discover how it IS possible for you to find the answer to your life's work and happiness not far from where you are presently sitting.

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Reminiscences of Christmas

Reminiscences of Christmases Past (1891)
by an Anglo Canadian in the Early 1800s

Step back in time to a small Canadian village on Christmas Eve, as the villagers happily prepare for their Christmas Day celebrations. Times were simpler for families in the nineteenth century yet happier in many ways.

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Ann Mary: Her Two Thanksgivings

Ann Mary: Her Two Thanksgivings (1915)
by Mary E. Wilkins

This entertaining tale is centered around a rural New England family's fond remembrances of a 19th-century Thanksgiving Dinner that didn't turn out quite as expected. Prepare to step back in time to a small New England village on the day before Thanksgiving, as a family busily prepares for their annual celebrations.

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With the Night Mail

With the Night Mail (1905)
by Rudyard Kipling

The futuristic story takes place in the year 2000, relating in great detail the transatlantic crossing of "Fleury's Ray" powered airship mail plane en route from London to Quebec, Canada.

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Varieties (1890-91)
by Phyllis Browne and Others

Enjoy browsing through this collection of very short stories, articles, and poems. There are wise proverbs and maxims to instruct and motivate; inspirational tales to encourage and elevate; and a sprinkling of humorous anecdotes to delight and amuse. Rich truths lie hid within each item just waiting to be discovered.

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