Old Time Television Shows

RCA Indian Head Test PatternRCA Indian Head Test Pattern, c. 1939
(PD Source: Wikipedia.com)

Those of us who are older can never forget the old time television shows. Not only did those early TV programs we watched as children  entertain us, but they created fond memories that last a lifetime.

Who can forget the time spent watching a favorite TV show with their family or friends? And now when you watch many old series on YouTube, those wonderful memories come flooding back.

Fond Memories of Early TV

Quite a number of the early TV shows were carried over to television from their corresponding old time radio programs. "People Are Funny," "Our Miss Brooks," "Amos 'n Andy," "Fibber McGee and Molly," "Gunsmoke," and "The Lone Ranger" to just name just a few.

Gale Gordon and Eve Arden, Stars of TV Sitcom Our Miss BrooksGale Gordon & Eve Arden Starring in Our Miss Brooks
(PD Source: Our Miss Brooks CBS TV Series)

It was such a thrill to finally get to see the actual characters, sets, and locations on the screen. Some shows and stars were as we imagined, but after all the anticipation, others were sometimes disappointing. It was truly a unique time in home entertainment.

Remembering the Old Time Television Shows

Hi Don, Amigo, Leo Carrillo (Pancho) Autograph(Source: ©Don Bell)

As a young boy, I loved to rush home from school to watch Sea Hunt starring Lloyd Bridges, The Roy Roger's Show starring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and The Cisco Kid starring Duncan Renaldo with Leo Carrillo as Pancho.

Getting Pancho's (Leo Carrillo) autograph at the 1960 Peterborough Exhibition was one of my biggest boyhood thrills. He was such a kind and gentle man.

In the evenings, who could forget watching the wonderful situation comedies. The I Love Lucy show starring the incomparable Lucille Ball was one of the favorites.

And, of course, there was the popular family sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow, Stars of Leave It to BeaverLeave It to Beaver's Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow
(PD Source: Publicity Photo)

Welcome to Nostalgia TV

Are you a fan of the early days of television? You'll have LOTS of fun reminiscing here. Relive the glorious days of television and comment on what others have shared.

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Would you write for us? Share your own memories of old time television shows with other nostalgia TV fans who visit this page.

What were your favorite programs? Both "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "The Garry Moore Show" were popular variety shows back then. And there were tons of westerns and detective series to choose from. Join in the fun and share your memories!

We would love to hear from you.

For instance, do you have some interesting background stories about the old time TV stars, and the shows they starred in? Did your family gather around the television at mealtimes with TV dinners? We'd love to read about it.

Maybe you have a photo of your first television set. We'd love to see it.

What do you remember?

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Television Memories Shared by Others

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