Old Fashioned Pudding Recipes

Prepare a PuddingPrepare an Old Fashioned Pudding for Your Family
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Grandma's old fashioned pudding recipes will enable you to make homemade desserts that will taste every bit as good as hers. Delicious puddings that your friends and family will rave about —  lip-smacking desserts you will be proud to serve anytime.

Old Fashioned Pudding Recipes

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Make Old Fashioned Puddings

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Choose one of the old fashioned recipes and treat yourself to the taste of an authentic homemade pudding. These were Grandma's favorites, her most used dessert recipes.

You might even find one or two sugar free puddings in the collection, though in Grandma's day, few people ever gave a thought to their calorie intake.

Take a moment and think of your favorite puddings: bread, chocolate, custard, corn, vanilla, rice, banana, plum, and we cannot forget the apple crisps and trifles. And that's just a few!

Imagine! You will be able to make all these delicious comfort foods and proudly share them with your family and friends.

The History of Pudding

The origin of puddings begins in man's distant past. Crude pudding-like dishes likely originated over open fires with the simple boiling of available ingredients.

Before the Medieval Era, puddings were mostly meat based, but with the coming of refined sugar, cooks experimented with sweeter combinations of fruit and grains and found them tasty.

By the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First, people were making sweet puddings of flour, sugar, fruits, nuts, and spices. These were either baked in pans or boiled in a sheep's stomach and eventually,  in cloth "pudding bags."

Queen Elizabeth, herself, enjoyed serving elaborate puddings at her royal banquets along with an abundance of rich-tasting fruit pies and marchpane (marzipan). In those days, sweets or sweetmeats were considered to be the essential part of any banquet or feast.

By the late 1700s, few puddings contained meat, and sweet varieties featuring ingredients such as fine bread, rice, and lemon became forever popularized as desserts, along with the ever popular trifles.

Many of the old fashioned pudding recipes on this site evolved from the earlier varieties once made in royal kitchens and crofter's cottages.

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