Sponge Pudding Recipe

Every cook needs a good old fashioned chocolate sponge pudding recipe. That's because one sponge dessert leads to another.

It's true. Everybody likes them, and once you catch the main idea that they can easily be varied by changing the flavoring, and maybe tickling up the portions a little.

Obviously, the eggs used are the fluffer-uppers, the gelatin holds the whole business together, and beyond that you have only liquid and flavoring to add.

Below are several dandy NO BAKE possibilities including chocolate, pineapple, and apricot, and all are bound to please the entire family.

Cookie's No Bake Chocolate Sponge Pudding Recipe

Calling All Girls Magazine (Oct 1945)

Chocolate Sponge PuddingHomemade Chocolate Sponge Pudding with Sauce
(Source: ©stanzi11/Depositphotos.com

Basic Chocolate Sponge Pudding

In the comic page, Cookie demonstrates how to make this basic chocolate sponge dessert pudding flavored with cocoa powder.

Sponge Pudding RecipeCookie's No Bake Chocolate Sponge Pudding Recipe
(PD Source: Calling All Girls Magazine - Oct 1945)

Soften 1 teaspoon gelatin in 1/4 cup cold water. Add 1/4 cup boiling water while stirring. Mix, and add 1/3 cup sugar, and 2 tablespoons cocoa. Cool, then add 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Beat until fluffy. Whip the whites of 3 eggs until stiff, add a pinch of salt, combine with pudding mixture, and beat some more. Pour into a wet mold, chill, and unmold onto a serving dish.

Pineapple Sponge Pudding

Start out just like the basic recipe (above), soaking your tablespoon of gelatin in 1/4 cup of cold water, adding an equal quantity of hot.

Stir in 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice (it adds a zip to all fruit flavors). Then add 1 cup of crushed canned pineapple.

(Raw fresh pineapple un-jells your jello, so if you are using fresh, boil for 5 minutes with the sugar and enough water to cover, before you put it in.)

Cool, beat, and add 2 beaten egg whites, folding them lightly into the mixture. Mold and chill. Serves about six.

Apricot Sponge Pudding

Cookie Placing Her Sponge Pudding in the RefrigeratorCookie Chilling Her No Bake Sponge Pudding
(PD Source: Calling All Girls Magazine - Oct 1945)

Especially good in winter when fresh fruits are scarce. Soak 1/2 pound of dried apricots overnight in 2 cups of cold water. Bring slowly to a boil and continue to cook slowly till tender.

Save the juice to use instead of water and crush the fruit to a smooth pulp. (One good way is to use a potato ricer, or the device that purees the baby's vegetables.)

Up the gelatin in the basic old fashioned sponge pudding recipe (above) to 1-1/2 tablespoons, and soften it in 1/2 cup of the apricot juice. Boil another 1/2 cup of juice with 1-1/4 cups of sugar, and use this to dissolve the gelatin.

You can spike the flavor with 2 or 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Add the mashed pulp, cool, and add 4 beaten egg whites and a pinch of salt. Mold and chill. Enough for about eight servings.

Egg Safety Tip

Some no-bake recipes might call for raw, uncooked eggs or egg whites. To avoid any health risk, please visit my Eggs and Salmonella page for simple instructions on how to safely use the old time recipe.

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