Easy Cookie Icing Recipes

You will use these easy cookie icing recipes again and again. The homemade icing is quick and easy to make, and it flows on cookies to harden just right every time. You will love it.

There's nothing like a homemade cookie that's iced to tempt your sweet tooth. Not only does the icing add flavor and richness to the cookie, but it adds a tantalizing appeal.

Easy Cookie Icing Recipes

Mom's Recipe Scrapbooks (c. 1920s)

Cookie IcingMake Your Cookies Irresistible with Homemade Icing
(Source: ©Mirage3/Depositphotos.com)

A tray of colorfully frosted cookies can turn any dessert table into a work of art. Decorate your homemade cookies and watch the delight in the eyes of your guests. Let your creativity flow!

French Water Icing

Pour the following French Water Icing over cookies when hot. When dry, serve the cookies.

Sift 1 cupful confectioners' sugar into a bowl, mix into it sufficient cold water to make it into a thin paste, beat until smooth, flavor as desired, and pour it over the hot cookies.

Transparent Sugar Glaze

Here's an easy icing for either cookies or cakes. Bring to boil equal amounts of granulated sugar and water. Stir occasionally until sugar is completely dissolved.

For thicker glazed, reduce by cooking and stirring occasionally until you reach consistency desired.

Remove from heat and allow syrup to cool to room temperature. Brush over cookies or cake, or drizzle using a spoon or measuring cup.

Sugar Cookie Icing

Almond or maple flavorings are also worked well with this easy cookie icing recipe. Delicious!

1 cup confectioner's sugar
3 teaspoons milk
2 teaspoons corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon vanilla flavoring

Stir sugar and milk together in a bowl until icing mixture is smooth; beat in corn syrup and vanilla until icing mixture is smooth and glossy in appearance.

Add food coloring to desired shade. Ice cookie and set aside for the icing to harden to a nice glaze.

Versatile Cookie Frosting

Egg whites, 2
Butter, 1 cup
Icing sugar, 4 cups

Whip ingredients together until thick enough to spread. For chocolate frosting, add 1 cup cocoa. For colored frosting, add food coloring as needed.

Miriam's Ice Cream Icing for Cookies

Submitted by A. Miriam

This easy cookie icing recipe was invented recently by Miriam, a valued visitor to this website.

She accidentally discovered a great way to make a hard cookie icing using ice cream. That's right, ICE CREAM.

I'll let Miriam tell you about it...

I accidentally found an amazingly simple icing recipe for decorating cookies. It is so simple and hardens quickly so that you can actually stack the cookies for serving.

I had run out of milk one day while decorating cookies. So, I melted some vanilla ice cream and added powdered sugar — and it was perfect.

The ice cream is already full of delicious ingredients. One can just add food coloring or leave it white; then add sprinkles, if desired. You have to add the sprinkles quickly before the frosting hardens, though. —Miriam, USA

Our heartfelt thanks to Miriam. My, isn't she clever? Vanilla ice cream works great with powdered icing sugar for making decorating frosting.

However, you can also experiment by using plain chocolate or strawberry ice cream to add a subtle flavor and tint to the frosting.

Do You Call It Frosting or Icing?

Sugar Cookies with IcingSugar Cookies Decorated with Colorful Homemade Icing
(PD Source: Adapted by Don Bell)

Really, frosting and icing are both the same. Some cooks consider frosting softer and icing harder, but the term that's used often depends on your geographic location.

It's most often called icing here in Canada and in the U.K., while frosting appears to be the term commonly used in parts of the United States.

But, whatever you call the sugary sweet, spreadable mixture, it adds an attractive appearance to cookies and cakes, and tastes even better than it looks.

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