Homemade Cookie Recipes

Grandmother Removing Homemade Cookies from the OvenTry Grandma's Homemade Cookie Recipes
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Grandma's homemade cookie recipes will make the best cookies from scratch you've ever tasted. Nothing beats their taste when they're still warm from the oven. The old fashioned varieties are wonderfully inexpensive, and their ingredients so wholesome that you and your children can eat them freely.

You'll love seeing people enjoying your homemade cookies. Heck, they'll rave about them. And they might even steal them! (Read more about that below.) But, don't worry you can always make a fresh batch, thanks to the recipes below.

Thanks for the Memories

Homemade Sugar CookiesWhy Not Make Some Homemade Cookies Today?
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Bob Hope wasn't the only one who had fond memories. When I was a youngster growing up on the farm, there was always a large tin of freshly baked cookies sitting in the pantry.

I was told not to touch them, but I often sneaked one or two when Mom wasn't looking — okay, okay — I confess. I sneaked a handful.

Sometimes I got caught, but Mom never complained too much. She loved to see us enjoying them, and she could always bake more.

Tucked away in the happy carefree memories of childhood, everybody has a special cookie jar or tin. Maybe it sat in one corner of the cupboard, or maybe it was set high up to keep little hands from removing its contents too easily.

Sometimes the jar was filled with sugar cookies, sometimes with hermits, and at other times with crisp, golden ginger snaps. At any rate, its contents were always a household joy to children — of all ages. Now, thanks to Grandma's best homemade cookie recipes, your children will have their own fond memories of home.

You will find a good variety of homemade cookie recipes listed below, and they are so much fun to make you'll want to try them all. When it comes to old fashioned homemade cookies, you can never have too many on hand for treats, and they also make a wonderful gift for someone special, whatever the occasion.

Cookie Sandwiches

Cookie Sandwiches Served on a Cake StandMake Tasty Cookie Sandwiches Today
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Here's a great idea for a dessert treat. Make cookie sandwiches simply by spreading icing between two homemade cookies made from any of the recipes below.

The History of Cookies

Today's cookies likely evolved from some of the more practical bread or biscuit recipes of times past. Persia was one of the first countries to utilize sugar cane, and it's thought that small, sweetened cakes or biscuits were being baked there by the seventh century. Recipes for cookies became popular during the Elizabethan Era when refined sugar became widely available throughout Europe.

The word "cookie" is said to come from the Dutch word koekje, which means "little cake." In England and some Commonwealth countries they are still called biscuits. In Germany they are called keks or kels, and in Italy two popular cookies are known as amaretti and biscotti. But, whatever you call them, they taste best when they are homemade, and Grandma's recipes can help you to make them.

Make Homemade Cookies
That Taste Like Grandma's

Lady Making Homemade Cookies

Homemade Cookie Recipes

Cookies for Special Occasions

Cookie Icing Recipes

Cookie Cutters, Jars, and Sheets

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