TV Show With 6-Inch Tall Secret Agent

by Robert Davis
(Chesapeake, VA)

World of Giants

World of Giants

Born in 1954, as a small child I watched a television series that had a team of federal agent partners. The unusual thing was one of the agents was only 6 inches tall. The partner of the 6-inch agent would carry the little guy around in a hard briefcase.

The 6-inch agent had a plush chair complete with a seatbelt and trap door. Sometimes when his partner would get into trouble, the 6-inch agent would exit the trap door of the briefcase and cut through the rope used to tie up his captured partner before the bad guys returned. He would also exit the briefcase and take pictures of, say, secret rocket fuel, then slipped back into the briefcase unnoticed.

Does anyone know the name of the show or anything about this unusual TV series? Many years later, there was a show called "Land of the Giants" that had to be a knock off on this earlier TV show.

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Aug 18, 2011
World of Giants
by: Don (Webmaster)

Robert, I'd forgotten about this vintage spy series. I was fascinated by its storyline too. It was so unusual, and the special effects were so well done for its day.

The show was called World of Giants, but it was mostly known as WOG. I did a little digging online and discovered that the series lasted one only season of 13 episodes in 1959.

The black and white, 30-minute show starred film star Marshal Thompson (1925-1992) as Mel Hunter, the 6-inch tall secret agent. From 1952 to 1991, Thompson had bit parts and starring roles in numerous TV shows, but he was best known as Dr. Marsh Tracy in the African adventure series Daktari (1966-1969), alongside Clarence the crossed-eyed lion and Judy the chimp. Previously, in 1965, he had starred in the movie Clarence, the Crossed-Eyed Lion.

The WOG series was produced by CBS Productions and United Artists Television. It also starred Arthur Franz as Bill Winters, Mel's fellow agent, friend, and handler. Mell says about his friend: "Good old Bill. Without him, I didn't want to think what life would be like without Bill. Even with Bill, I'd never be safe, no matter where I am. Things most people wouldn't notice could mean death to me."

Search on YouTube for "World of Giants" and you might even find a complete episode to watch, but no promises, as videos sometimes get removed.

The World of Giants show was so unique in its day. Great memories!

Nov 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Actually, WOG was produced entirely by Ziv-Television for CBS. Ziv-TV wouldn't be sold to UA until 1960.

Dec 27, 2011
Thanks So Much!
by: Robert Davis

Thanks so much! I want to see the famous fight scene with a domestic cat where Hunter stabs the cat in the front paw with a fountain pen and then has to dial a full size rotary telephone.

Love this site!

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