Traditional Polish Dessert Recipes

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These Polish dessert recipes are so easy to make, and yet the results taste so delicious. The Polish people are famous for their tasty baked goods and desserts, and these wholesome pastries are no exception. Be sure to try the Polish tartlets!

Polish Dessert Recipes for Pastries

The Book of Household Management (1861)

Polish Pastry Treats

Ingredients: Puff-paste, the white of an egg, pounded sugar.

Method: Roll some good puff-paste out thin, and cut it into 2-1/2-inch squares; brush each square over with the white of an egg, then fold down the corners, so that they all meet in the middle of each piece of paste; slightly press the two pieces together, brush them over with the egg, sift over sugar, and bake in a nice quick oven for about 1/4 hour.

When they are done, press down a little hole in the middle of the paste, and fill it up with apricot jam, marmalade, or red currant jelly. Pile them high in the center of a dish, on a napkin, and garnish with the same preserve the tartlets are filled with. Sufficient for 2 dishes of pastry. Seasonable at any time.

Note: It should be borne in mind that, for all dishes of small pastry, such as the preceding, trimmings of puff-pasty, left from larger tarts, answer as well as making the paste expressly for the tartlets.

Fannie Farmer's Polish Dessert Recipe
for Simple Polish Tartlets

The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book (1916)


Mom sometimes substituted tangy orange marmalade for the preserves called for. They were always delicious!

Sometimes the tastiest treats are the simplest, and this traditional Polish dessert recipe is simple enough for a child to make. Bake a plateful to have on hand.

Roll puff or plain paste one-eighth inch thick, and cut in two and one-half inch squares; wet the corners, fold toward the center, and press lightly; bake on a sheet; when cool, press down the centers and fill, using two-thirds quince marmalade and one-third currant jelly.

Quick and Easy Treats

Mom often used the Polish tartlet recipe (above) when she knew company was coming as the little tarts were so quick and easy to make using whatever preserves she had handy. Their delicious, fruity taste always drew compliments, and I am sure you'll enjoy eating them too.

Smaczne Jedzenie! — Tasty Food!

Polish Chrusty Recipe

Mom's Recipe Scrapbooks (c. 1920s)

Chrusty PastryPolish Chrusty Pastry Roses

Chrusty (Pronounced KROOST-a) — Delectable Pastry Roses


5 egg yolks
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 tablespoon sour cream
Grated rind of 1/2 lemon
1-1/2 cups pastry flour, plus 3 tablespoons
Pinch of salt


Sift dry ingredients. Add vinegar to sour cream and add this liquid to slightly beaten egg yolks. Combine flour and liquid mixture to make a smooth, elastic dough. Cover Chrusty dough with a towel and chill in refrigerator for about an hour.

Shape like roses as follows: Roll dough very thin and cut out small rounds with a cookie cutter. Sandwich five rounds and using forefinger, press the middle together, while making five slashes from the center out with a sharp knife to form the "petal" shapes.

Fry in hot lard (375°F) for 2 minutes 1 side, turn and fry 1/2 minute on other side, until golden. Drain, sprinkle with icing sugar, and fill center with either fruit or jam. Yields nine Chrusty pastries.

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