Traditional Austrian Dessert Recipes

These traditional Austrian dessert recipes offer you a delicious variety of old fashioned Viennese desserts and pastry treats. Enjoy making the following Austrian desserts:

  • Pastry for Kipfel
  • Prater Cake
  • Vienna Pudding
  • Vienna Apricot Custard
  • Vienna Chocolate
  • Vienna Fruit Tart
  • Austrian Jam Tarts

Traditional Austrian Dessert Recipes

The International Jewish Cook Book (1919)

Make Traditional Vienna Pastry for KipfelVienna Kipfel Pastries Warm from the Oven
(Source: Don Bell)

Vienna Pastry for Kipfel

Grandma's Tip

Pot cheese is a soft, crumbly, unaged cheese that's not easy to find in stores. Substitute cottage cheese or ricotta cheese.

Take one-half pound of pot cheese and one-half pound of butter and two cups of flour sifted four times, add a pinch of salt and work these ingredients into a dough.

Make thirty small balls of it and put on a platter on the ice overnight. In the morning roll each ball separately into two-inch squares.

These squares may be filled with a teaspoon of jelly put in the center and the squares folded over like an envelope; OR fill them with one-half pound of walnuts, ground; one-half cup of sugar and moisten with a little hot milk. Roll and twist into (crescent) shape.

Brush with beaten egg and bake in a moderately hot oven (375°F). (May be dusted with powdered sugar after removal from oven, if desired.)

Vienna Prater Cake

Cream the yolks of six eggs with one cup of granulated sugar. Add three-fourths cup of sifted chocolate, three-fourths cup of flour (sifted twice), one and one-half teaspoon of vanilla. Add the beaten whites. Bake thirty minutes.

When cold, cut in half and fill with the following:

One cup of milk, yolks of two eggs, one cup of chopped walnuts. Boil, stirring constantly to prevent curdling. Sweeten to taste, and after removing from the fire add one tablespoon of rum. Spread while hot.

Traditional Austrian Dessert Recipe

The Book of Household Management (1861)

Hallstatt Village in AustriaHallstatt Mountain Village, Salzkammergut Lake District
(Source: ©Gilitukha/

Classic Vienna Pudding

Castor Sugar

In the USA substitute Super Fine sugar, a.k.a. Bar Sugar. In Canada use Super Fine or Berry Sugar. These sugars are finely ground yet not powdered like icing sugars.


5 ounces of white bread cut into small dice
3 ounces of castor sugar
3 ounces of sultanas (raisins), cleaned
2 ounces of finely shredded candied peel
1 ounce of almonds
Grated rind of 1 lemon
4 yolks of eggs
1/2 pint of milk
3 tablespoonfuls of sherry
Caramel or burnt sugar for browning


Blanch, shred, and bake the almonds until well browned. Heat the milk, add sufficient caramel or burnt sugar to make it a deep, nut-brown color, then pour it onto the well-beaten yolks of eggs, stirring meanwhile.

Mix the bread dice, sugar, sultanas, peel, almonds, and lemon rind well together, add the sherry and prepared milk, etc., cover, and let it stand for 1 hour.

When ready, turn the mixture into a well-buttered mold, steam for about 2 hours, and serve with German custard, arrowroot, or other suitable sauce.

Traditional Austrian Dessert Recipes

With a Saucepan Over the Sea (1902)

Vienna Apricot Custard

Strain and make a pulp of 1/2 pint of stewed apricots. Mash these through a sieve, add 6 ounces of sugar and the juice of 1/2 an orange, cook and stir until thick, then add the whites of 4 eggs well beaten, pour into a dish, dust with sugar.

Bake for 20 minutes in hot oven (425°F), and serve at once, with wine sauce or cream.

Vienna Chocolate

Scald 3 cups of milk and 1 cup of cream, add 3 heaping tablespoonfuls of grated chocolate, 2 of sugar, the same of cornstarch, and a teaspoonful of vanilla.

Stir until smooth, cook 5 minutes more. Beat the whites of 2 eggs very stiff with a spoonful of sugar. Add a spoonful to each cup when serving the chocolate.

Vienna Fruit Tart

Roll out some good puff paste, line a plate with it, and bake it, then fill it with rich custard, flavored with lemon, or vanilla; when firm, put a circle of cooked peaches, halved, around the edge, then one of greengages inside of that, and fill the center with cherries. Serve cold, in the same dish, with whipped cream.

Austrian Tarts

To prepare this traditional Austrian dessert recipe, mix 6 ounces of granulated sugar, 6 ounces of flour, 6 eggs, and 6 ounces of fresh butter.

The butter must be melted and added last. Also, beat well, for at least 10 minutes, before adding the butter, then 10 minutes more, and pour into a tin, thinly; bake it in a moderate oven (375°F) until brown.

Cut with a sharp knife into strips, 2x4 inches, spread with jam, and put together, covering the tops with whipped cream and chopped nuts.

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