Sandwich Recipes in Rhyme

Nasturtium SandwichesTasty Nasturtium Sandwiches with a Herb Pesto
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These vintage sandwich recipes in rhyme deliver poetry along with your picnic meal. Make delicious rhyming sandwiches that are fun to serve on any picnic or cultural occasion.

Vintage Sandwich Recipes in Rhyme

Rhymed Receipts for Any Occasion (1912)

Fruit Sandwiches

'Tis almost five o'clock ... 'tis time you were ready. —Much Ado about Nothing

Get a fresh loaf of baker's bread
(The Graham loaf is to my taste),
Cut into slices cobweb thin,
And then prepare this simple paste:

Take figs that overseas do come,
Almonds that dream of southern France,
And apples that, much nearer home,
The beauty of our land enhance.

Put these together, one and all,
And, with a hand as firm as fate,
Chop into bits "exceeding small" —
And you've a filling up-to-date.

Strawberry Sandwiches

'Tis deeds must win the prize. —Taming of the Shrew

Cut bread in thin and crustless rounds,
Or oblongs — if you choose —
And spread with butter gen'rously
(All but the best refuse!).

Next make a paste of strawberries
And powdered sugar fine,
With which each sandwich you proceed
Most carefully to line.

For a "pink" luncheon these are served
With baby ribbon tied,
Delicious to the taste, and sight,
The honors they divide.

Graham Bread and Cheese Sandwiches

Pray does anybody here hate cheese? I would be glad of a bit. —Dean Swift

Put the merest glow of butter
On each slice of Graham bread,
Then a coating of French mustard
Do more generously spread.

After which — oh! most delicious —
Comes a layer of cream cheese,
Stuffed with olives, chopped and num'rous,
As round honey swarm the bees.

Apple and Nut Sandwiches

My custom always of an afternoon. — Hamlet

These little sandwiches for tea
Are simple, you'll declare.
Cut white bread very slenderly,
And trim the edges, so there'll be
No brown crust anywhere.

The slices spread with butter sweet —
A tiny, golden sheen —
Then apple discs, so slim and neat,
With mayonnaise, and chopped nutmeat,
Put in the space between.

Brown and White Sandwiches

Soon at five o'clock Please you I'll meet with you. —Comedy of Errors

Thin slices of brown bread,
Thin slices of white,
Each with nut butter spread —
The housewife's delight!
These alternately press
Together with care,
Cut into strips, and dress
A feast anywhere.

Ginger Sandwiches

Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea? How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea. —Sidney Smith

Crystallized Ginger from the distant East,
The kind that often tops a homemade feast,
May be to other uses put. Here's one:
Chopped fine, each morsel — gleaming like the sun —
Is dipped in orange juice, then thickly spread
Between thin layers of fine wheaten bread.
Ah! Ginger that's "hot i' the mouth," 'tis true
I find you good. And so without ado
Will Martha — cumbered with her cares — when she
Has unexpected friends drop in to tea.

Nasturtium Sandwiches

Nasturtium Flowers in a SandwichColorful Sandwich Made with Edible Nasturtium Flowers
(Source: ©zi3000/

Enjoy these deliciously edible Nasturtium sandwiches made with either mayonnaise or an organic herb pesto.

To the dominion of the tea-table I submit. — Congreve


Make sure the edible nasturtium leaves are washed and 100% organically grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Slice fresh white bread and thickly spread
With mayonnaise, in lieu of butter,
Then cut each slice in circles nice —
Using for this a biscuit-cutter.

Take leaves that twine on nasturtium vine,
Shield-like in shape, and oh! how tender —
And place their green the bread between,
Curling about the stems so slender.

Then girdle round the snowy mound
Nasturtium blossoms, fair and fragrant,
The sight complete would tempt to eat
An appetite however vagrant.

About the Sandwich Recipes in Rhyme

The novel sandwich recipes in rhyme were originally published in early editions of the Woman's Home Companion, Good Housekeeping Magazine, the Housewife, Table Talk, and the Boston Cooking School Magazine.

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