Chocolate Eclair Recipe

Chocolate EclairYou'll Love Making These Homemade Chocolate Eclairs
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The old fashioned chocolate eclair recipe comes from America's most famous cooking school of the nineteenth century, The School of Cooking in Boston. It does require a little preparation time, but it's an easy recipe to make, and the eclairs taste absolutely delicious.

I don't recall Mom making these chocolaty eclairs too often because they can be a wee bit finicky to fill, but when she did they were a surefire hit with everyone! By the way, she also used the same yummy chocolate eclair frosting on her homemade brownies.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Eclair Recipe

Miss Parloa's New Cook Book (1880)

Don't you love biting into a freshly made eclair? Just thinking about it, I can almost taste the soft shell with its creamy filling and rich chocolate frosting.

Enjoy learning how to make homemade eclairs from scratch that will turn out just like Mom's when you use the same old fashioned chocolate eclair recipe that she used.

How to Make Chocolate Eclairs

Put one cupful of boiling water and half a cupful of butter in a large saucepan, and when it boils up, turn in one pint of flour. Beat well with the vegetable masher. When perfectly smooth, and velvety to the touch, remove from the fire.

Break five eggs into a bowl. When the paste is nearly cold, beat the eggs into it with the hand. Only a small part of the eggs should be added at a time.

When the mixture is thoroughly beaten (it will take about twenty minutes by hand), spread on buttered sheets in oblong pieces about four inches long and one and a half inches wide. These must be about two inches apart.

Bake in a rather quick oven for about twenty-five minutes. As soon as they are done, ice with chocolate frosting. When the icing is cold, you will cut the eclairs on one side and fill them.

Eclair Cream Filling

Put one cupful and a half of milk in the double boiler. Beat together two-thirds of a cupful of sugar, one-fourth of a cupful of flour, two eggs, and one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt.

Stir the mixture into the boiling milk. Cook fifteen minutes, stirring often. When cold, flavor with one teaspoonful of vanilla extract.

Chocolate Eclair Frosting

Put two squares of scraped chocolate with five tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar and three of boiling water.

Stir over the fire until smooth and glossy. Dip the tops of the eclairs in this as they come from the oven.

When the chocolate icing is dry, cut open and fill with the cream, which should be cold. If a chocolate flavor is liked with the cream, one tablespoonful of the dissolved chocolate may be added to it.

Alternative Eclair Frostings

Variety of Frosted EclairsIdeas for Serving a Variety of Frosted Eclairs
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Eclairs are also delicious when topped with a white vanilla frosting and garnished with walnuts or fresh berries in season.

Traditional Iced Eclairs on a Serving DishTraditional Iced Eclairs
(Source: Book of Household Management, 1861)

Use Grandma's Icing Recipes to serve a variety of decorated eclairs! The colorful icings on the eclairs will serve to decorate any dessert table. Use Grandma's old fashioned chocolate eclair recipe to make a plateful today.

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