Frozen Dessert Recipes

Fancy Frozen DessertFancy Frozen Dessert Treat
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These old fashioned frozen dessert recipes were invented by old time ice cream parlor operators to wow their customers, keeping them coming back for more. Imagine making your own fancy ice cream sundae treats that look too good to eat and taste even better. Be prepared to WOW your family and friends.

Old Fashioned Frozen Dessert Recipes

Saint Valentine's Own

To dispense this sundae have a heart-shaped mold, about 2-1/2 inches in diameter and 1-1/4 inches in depth. In the mold place a layer of vanilla ice cream, a layer of strawberry ice cream, and another layer of vanilla ice cream. Trim the molded ice cream even with the top of the mold, then place the cream on a china plate of fancy design, measuring about 6 inches in diameter.

Pour over the cream a ladleful of crushed strawberries, add a spoonful of mixed ground nuts and top off with a spoonful of whipped cream, a cherry, and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

The author states that this sundae is a good seller at 20 cents. He has advertised it in the daily papers of his town with much success. (Philip W. Fraker)


Line a champagne sundae glass with four or five split lady fingers in upright position, and then put into the center a scoopful of Neapolitan ice cream; over all pour a ladleful of marshmallow sauce, or cover with whipped cream and close to the top insert peaches, the slices pointed toward a cherry placed in the center. Price 15 or 20 cents. (Jos. B. Clark)

Northern Lights

In dispensing the Northern Lights use a fine china plate, six inches in diameter, decorated with a winter design (e.g., ice and snow).

First, place a piece of angel food cake on the plate. Around the angel food lay three slices of orange, on the first of which place a red cherry, on the second a white cherry, and on the third a blue cherry. Now place a (large size) scoop of ice cream on the cake and insert in the top of the ice cream a Veronique wafer, leaving about one inch to appear above the cream (this is to represent the North Pole). Stick a small national flag on the top of the pole.

Place three spoonfuls of pineapple ice around the bottom of the cream between the slices of orange. Then spread whipped cream over the top of the mold of ice cream just below the pole, so that it looks like snow. Lastly, arrange four chocolate "Teddy Bears" around in the whipped cream so that they appear to be trying to reach the pole — one at the very top. (Sells for 20 cents.)

Chocolate Soldier

For this frozen dessert recipe, place a scoop of chocolate brick ice cream on a fancy Melba plate and on it lay a slice of devil's food cake. Over all pour a float of chocolate syrup and top with a maraschino cherry. "A very delicious and dainty dish when correctly served." (Sells for 15 cents.)


In dispensing "Haystack" use a fine china plate of rose design decoration and measuring six inches in diameter. For the base of the stack use a piece of chocolate cake about 2-1/2 inches square; on this place a scoop (large size) of vanilla ice cream. One each of two sides of the plate place a slice of orange and on each of the other two sides lay a slice of banana.

Pour over the cream a heavy caramel syrup, sifting over it shredded coconut which has been previously browned. On top of the stack put a maraschino cherry and lean against the sides of the stack so that they will come to a "peak" four Veronique wafers, arranging them so that the cherry appears to rest on top of the wafers.

Around the base of the stack arrange four maraschino cherries, put a little whipped cream on the slices of orange, and insert a spoon in the side of the stack. Price, 25 cents. (Philip W. Fraker)

Hobble Bon Bon

Into a glass about 4 inches deep place a small amount of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream; split two lady fingers and stand the four halves on end in a vertical position, so that the upper ends will reach to the top of the glass. Add about 1/2 ounce of chocolate syrup, or syrup of any flavor desired, one scoopful of vanilla ice cream, some whipped cream, one teaspoonful of English walnuts, and top it off with a slice of fig or a maraschino cherry. In pricing this feature, be sure to cover the costs. (J. E. Stallings)

Eclair Delight

For this frozen dessert recipe, cut an eclair shell in two lengthwise, place one half on a banana split dish and fill with "Delight" ice cream. Place top on the shell and cover with a ladle of marshmallow topping. Dust over all a sweet powdered chocolate and top with a couple of red maraschino cherries.

Delight Ice Cream, used in the above, is made as follows:

Take one gallon of vanilla ice cream, slice into it 10 ripe bananas, then add 6 ounces of maple syrup, 1 pound of chopped pecan nut meats, add 1/2 pound of seeded Muscat grapes which have been previously soaked in simple syrup for three hours. Mix all well together, place in a storage container, and keep frozen till used. (Harry G. Frame)

Dessert a La Copley Square

Serve individuals of quality vanilla ice cream in this manner:

Secure dainty white paper cases of a square shape; half fill a case with ice cream and then introduce a spoonful of guava jelly, or a layer of chopped nutmeats and figs (or dates). Fill the case even-full of ice cream. Mound the top with whipped cream and garnish with four blanched almond meats arranged like the petals of a flour and with a bit of candied citron for a center.

Lay on one side of the plate a spray of crystallized mint, or appropriate garnish, also a square piece of delicate white cake frosted with white and decorated with a slight touch of pale green frosting. This mixture is worth 25 cents.

Veronique Wafers

1909 Veronique Wafers AdvertisementVeronique Wafers

Veronique wafers are called for in a couple of the old fashioned frozen dessert recipes. Any log-shaped cookie or rolled wafer can be substituted.

The Veronique advertisement pictured at the left appeared in the May 1909 edition of the Evening Post magazine.

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