How to Make Flower Cupcakes

Enjoy learning how to make flower cupcakes and create beautiful cupcake arrangements to brighten any dessert table. And you don't have to be a Martha Stewart, as these flower cupcake ideas with their buttercream icing flowers are simple and easy to make with just a little practice.

How to Make Flower Cupcakes With Buttercream Icing

Decorated Flower CupcakesHow to Decorate Cupcakes with Icing Flowers
(Source: DIYplr)

Blue Buttercream Icing Flowers

For the blue flowers on the cupcakes shown above, use a No. 12 tip on your decorating bag and make a small mound of dark blue icing in the center of your cupcake.

Next use a No. 16 tip to make a small cluster of long star shapes at the top. Then starting around the edge, use No. 18 tip with light blue icing to make the petals.

Carefully work around in a circle and then make another row above, until you come to the topmost flowers.

Small Buttercream Icing Flowers

For tiny blue flowers on the pink and blue flowered cupcakes above, add a few pastel-green leaves and use a star tip (No. 16) to create small flowers around the cupcake's edge.

Then use a small round decorator tip (No. 3) to add a white dot to the center of the tiny flowers.

Big Shaggy Buttercream Icing Flowers

For the shaggy pink flowers, begin with a white swirl base, then make your light-green leaf shapes with a leaf tip (No. 352).

Next use a multi-opening tip (No. 233) to make the shaggy pink petals. Beginning from the outside, make a circle. Then make another circle further in, until the entire cupcake center is filled.

How to Make Sunflower Cupcakes

Yellow Sunflower CupcakesCupcakes Decorated with Yellow Sunflowers
(Source: DIYplr)

These icing sunflowers look tricky, but you'll be surprised at how easy it is to make them. All you need is a bit of buttercream icing on the top of the cupcake, topped with a chocolate OREO cookie.

Use a leaf tip (No. 352) nozzle to create the green leaves on the bottom. Top with 2 more rows of yellow leaves. Finally, for the pièce de résistance, add a tiny ladybug royal icing accent.

Fresh Flower Cupcake Arrangements

Fresh Flower CupcakesYummy Cupcakes Decorated with Fresh Flowers
(Source: DIYplr)

Here's an elegant yet simple cupcake decorating idea. After icing the top in white frosting, each cupcake is crowned with a colorful edible flower blossom from your garden.

Just make double sure the flowers are organically grown and food safe; that they have NOT been sprayed with any harmful chemicals or fertilizers before adding them to your cupcakes.

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