Parmesan Ice Cream Recipe

You must simply try this authentic parmesan ice cream recipe. Yes, it is cheese ice cream, but you won't believe how amazingly delicious it is until you actually taste it. Get ready to enjoy a creamy smooth frozen delicacy.

Also enjoy making the old fashioned Burnt Sugar, Biscuit, and Burnt Filbert ice creams that were also popular homemade treats to serve during the Victorian Era.

Parmesan Ice Cream Recipe

The Complete Confectioner (1807)

Creamy Smooth Parmeson Cheese Ice Cream
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The following old fashioned ice cream recipes call for an easy-to-make simple syrup, or you can purchase a simple syrup ready-made at most grocery stores.

Parmesan Ice Cream Recipe

The following YouTube video from Tasting History demonstrates how to make this deliciously unique ice cream flavor.

Take six eggs, half a pint of simple syrup, and a pint of cream; put them into a stewpan and boil them until it begins to thicken; then rasp three ounces of Parmesan cheese, mix and pass them through a sieve, and freeze it.

Other Unique Ice Cream Recipes

Burnt Filbert Ice Cream

Burnt Hazelnut (Filbert) Ice Cream
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Roast some Barcelona nuts (Hazelnuts) well in the oven, and pound them a little with some cream; put four eggs into a stewpan, with one pint of cream and two gills (1 cup) of simple syrup; boil it till it grows thigh, pass it through a sieve and freeze it; then mix your filberts with it before you put it in your molds.

Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

Creamy Burnt Sugar Ice Cream
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Take six eggs, one gill (1/2 cup) of simple syrup, and one pint of cream; boil it over the fire until it becomes thick; then have two ounces of powdered sugar in another stewpan, and put it over the fire; let it burn till all melts, stirring all the time, and when you see it is burnt of a fine brown color, pour the other in, mix it quickly, pass it through a sieve, and freeze it.

Biscuit Ice Cream

Break six eggs into a stewpan and beat them well with a wooden spoon; add one pint of cream, the rind of one lemon, two gills (1 cup) of simple syrup, and a little spice; boil it till you find it just thickens, stirring it all the time; crumble some Naples biscuits and ratafia biscuits; pass them through a sieve with the other ingredients, and put in your freezing pot.

Ratafia Biscuits are a crispy almond cookie popular in Scotland and commonly used in making trifle, for crumbling in puddings, and for serving after the meal with coffee. Substitute almond biscotti or almond macaroons when unavailable.

Naples Biscuits are a type of sponge cookie, also known as lady fingers and commonly used in trifles, tiramisu, and for serving with afternoon tea. Substitute sponge cake, biscotti, or a plain pound cake when unavailable.

Besides being called for in the above recipe for biscuit ice cream, these biscuits can also be served on their own to compliment the homemade parmesan ice cream recipe.

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