Old Fashioned Marshmallow Recipe

Homemade White MarshmallowsEnjoy Making Old Fashioned Homemade Marshmallows
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Grandma's favorite old fashioned marshmallow recipe makes it easy to make homemade marshmallows in any flavor or shape you desire. Why buy store-bought when you can make better tasting marshmallows at home?

Old Fashioned Marshmallow Recipe

The Canadian Farm Cookbook (c. 1912)

Making Homemade Miniature MarshmallowsHow to Make Marshmallows in Miniature Shapes
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How to Make Marshmallows

It's always fun to make something that's mainly store-bought. These homemade marshmallows not only taste amazingly delicious, but you can make these old fashioned marshmallows in any flavor or color you choose.

You can even use cookie cutters to cut them in fancy shapes as illustrated in the above photo. Just imagine a snowflake marshmallow floating on top of your hot chocolate!

Add nuts, raisins, cherries, or dried fruit to make your marshmallows even more chewy and delicious. Enjoy a homemade treat from Grandma's recipe box.


2 rounded tablespoons gelatin powder
2 cups granulated sugar
Pinch of salt
Flavoring to taste
Powdered sugar as required


Soak the gelatin in 8 tablespoons cold water. Heat the sugar with 1/2 cup water until dissolved. Add gelatin to syrup and just bring it to a boil, take off the stove and let stand in a bowl until partially cool.

Add salt and flavoring, beat with a whip until soft, then with a large spoon until only soft enough to settle into a sheet.

Dust pans thickly with finely powdered sugar, pour in the candy mixture about 1/2 inch deep, and set to cool until it will not come off the finger. Turn out on powdered paper, cut in cubes or shapes and roll in powdered sugar.

Nuts, chocolate, or candied fruit may be beaten in, or the marshmallows may be rolled in grated coconut before being powdered with sugar.

Marshmallow History

Common Marshmallow PlantThe Common Marsh-Mallow Plant - Althaea officinalis
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Marshmallows as a confection originated in ancient Egypt. Marsh-mallow plants were harvested from marshes along the Nile, and  sap from their roots was used for thickening and flavoring honey sweetened confections enjoyed by the pharaohs.

Later, French confectioners combined sap from the mallow root with sugar and egg whites which they whipped to create a marshmallow-like candy. Eventually, the mallow sap was replaced by gelatin that is commonly used in today's kitchens for making marshmallows.

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