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Vintage Valentine Day games are easy to learn and enjoyable to play. No matter what the age group, whether they'll admit to it or not, almost everyone loves to join in the fun of party games. Fun activities help to break the ice at any Valentine party or family get-together.

Though simple and a bit corny, these vintage action games will rouse laughter and friendly competition, while the word games are potentially challenging and themed for the occasion. Feel free to adapt the entertainment to the participant ages. All are great fun for older kids, yet they're also enjoyable for adults. Pick several and enjoy an old fashioned evening of family fun.

Vintage Valentine Day Games with Words

Mom's Recipe Scrapbooks (c. 1920s)

These challenging party games from the 1920s still generate laughter and make splendid icebreakers for any crowd.

Guess the Comic Valentines

Have the contestants correctly identify the beloved of:

  • Olive Oyl? — Popeye the Sailor

  • Daisy Mae Scraggs? — L'l Abner Yokum

  • Blondie? — Dagwood Bumstead

  • Minnie? — Mickey Mouse

  • Daisy? — Donald Duck

  • Add other familiar comics characters

Guess the Nations

For this Valentine Day game, supply a candy prize for the person correctly guessing the most answers. Have guests guess the answers to the following word riddles:

What NATION...

1. has caused the most war? — Indignation

2. creates fear and terror? — Consternation

3. has the greatest lure? — Fascination

4. has produced the most kings and queens? — Coronation

5. presents men and women for office? — Nomination

6. presents men and women for the ministry? — Ordination

7. is slowest? — Procrastination

8. is famous for its lighting system? — Illumination

9. is immune from smallpox? — Vaccination

10. returns one’s youth. — Rejuvenation

Vintage Guess The Nations Word Riddles Game

Click Here to download a FREE PDF copy of Guess the Nations riddles that you can print out for each of your contestants.

Musical Word Contest

For this Valentine Day game a suitable prize is a small box of chocolates or a romantic music recording (CD), depending on the age of the contestant. Twenty minutes may be allowed to complete this musical word game.

Guess the WORD...

1. Used to secure a bundle — Chord (Cord)

2. A place of residence — Flat

3. A reflection on character — Slur

4. Bottom of a statue — Bass (Base)

5. An unaffected person — Natural

6. What does an actor have to learn? — Lines

7. What makes a check valid? — Signature

8. What we breath every day — Air

9. What is pressed on a typewriter? — Key

10. What betrays nationality? — Accent

11. An association of lawyers — Bar

12. Used in climbing mountains — Staff

13. Part of a sentence — Phrase

14. Belonging to a fish — Scales

15. Used in cycling — Pedals

16. Used to flavor soup — Time (Thyme)

17. Often passed in school — Notes

18. Used in stores — Counters

19. What should a razor be? — Sharp

20. A stitch in crochet-work — Treble

Vintage Musical Word Contest Game

Click Here to download a FREE PDF copy of The Musical Word Contest that you can print out for each of your contestants.

The Farmer's Love Letter to His Valentine

Prepare a copy of the Farmer's Love Letter for each player in advance. Where blanks should be left for the contestants to fill in with the name of a vegetable or fruit, we have given the missing word within brackets:

My darling sweet (Potato),

Do you (Carrot) all for me? My heart (Beets) for you and my love is as strong as an (Onion) for you. You are a (Peach) with your (Radish) hair and your cute (Turnip) nose. You are the (Apple) of my eye. So if we (Cantaloupe) then (Lettuce) be married, for I know we shall make a happy (Pear).

Love, (Olive)er.

Vintage Farmer's Love Letter Word Game

Click Here to download a FREE PDF copy of the Farmer's Love Letter word game that you can print out for each of your contestants.

Vintage Valentine Day Games

Mom's Recipe Scrapbooks (c. 1920s)

Valentine Day games such as the following old fashioned group action games can be used as ice breakers to get the guests acquainted. They offer variety to the evening and although you'll hear the customary groans, a great time will be had by all.

Do a Cupid's Judy-Walk

The victim is allowed to walk among water-filled glasses and paper hearts scattered on the floor, without touching any of the articles. Then he or she is blindfolded and asked to repeat the performance, but the water glasses are quietly removed by the other guests, and the fun begins. This party idea is always a lot of fun.

Jungle Din

In advance of this vintage party game, hide nuts or wrapped Valentine candies throughout the room or building. Divide the crowd into equal groups. One player in each group is appointed the leader, and each group is assigned the name of some bird or animal whose call can easily be imitated. The calls of ducks, sheep, crows, cows, cats, etc., are easily given. Only the leader of the group can pick up any of the nuts or candies.

Set a time limit and at a signal the hunt starts. Any player finding a nut or candy stands by it and repeats his call at the top of his voice until his leader hears him and runs to collect the booty. The group with the most booty collected is the winner.

Racing Hearts

Each contestant is given two large hearts cut from construction paper, one for each foot. She places one forward and steps on it with the right foot. Then, she picks up the other heart for her left foot, and so on, being allowed to step only on the hearts. Contestants race to a given mark across the room and back to win.

Cupid's Hurdles

For this Valentine Day game, four red streamers or ribbons of red crepe paper are held about two feet apart and one foot from the floor. They can be conveniently stretched between chairs placed at opposite sides of the room.

A row of chosen contestants is led up to the first streamer and given paper hearts to balance on their heads without using their hands. They are then blindfolded and told to step over the crepe streamers with their feet while not breaking them.

Nothing funnier can be imagined than the sight of blindfolded players walking stiffly to balance the paper hearts while simultaneously stepping high over paper hurdles that have — unknowingly — been dropped. The one judged most graceful wins the prize.

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