Old Fashioned Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Add Grandma's old fashioned chocolate ice cream recipes to your recipe box. Everyone loves chocolate, and when it flavors homemade ice cream it tastes extra special.

Chocolate remains one of the world's three most-requested flavors of ice cream. And when you make it yourself, it has an unbeatable taste that you cannot resist.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Ice Cream Recipes

The White House Cook Book (1913)

Homemade Chocolate Ice CreamEnjoy a Cup of Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream
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Now, you can enjoy serving the frozen comfort food of America's presidents right in your own home.

Make With Eggs

Beat 2 eggs very light and cream them with two cupfuls of sugar. Scald a pint of milk and turn on by degrees, mixing well with the sugar and eggs.

Stir in this half a cupful of grated chocolate; return to the fire and heat until it thickens, stirring briskly; take off and set aside to cool. When thoroughly cold, freeze.

Make Without Eggs

Of all the frozen desserts served at the White House, this was said to be one of the favorites served. Very fine, creamy, and delicately flavored with velvety smooth chocolate. And so easily made a president could do it.

Add four ounces of grated chocolate to a cupful of sweet milk; then mix it thoroughly to a quart of thick, sweet cream; no flavoring is required but vanilla. Sweeten with a cupful of sugar; beat again and freeze. Very fine.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Ice Cream Recipes

Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping (1877)

Scoop of Chocolate Ice CreamMake Creamy Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream
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Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream

Scald one pint new milk, add by degrees three-quarters of a pound sugar, two eggs, and five tablespoons chocolate, rub smoothly in a little milk.

Beat well for a moment or two, place over the fire and heat until it thickens well, stirring constantly; set off, add a tablespoon of thin dissolved gelatin, and when cold, place in freezer; when it begins to set, add a quart of rich cream, half of it well whipped.

Chocolate Fruit Creams

To make chocolate fruit ice creams, when the above ice cream is almost frozen, add a coffee-cup of preserved peaches, or any other preserves, cut in fine pieces.

Chocolate and Vanilla

To make a mold of chocolate and vanilla, freeze in separate freezers, divide a mold through the center with cardboard, fill each division with a different ice cream, and set mold in ice and salt for an hour or more.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Practical Housewifery (1874)

Chocolate Custard Flavor

1 quart of cream, 1 pint new milk, 2 cups sugar, 2 eggs beaten very light, 5 tablespoonfuls chocolate rubbed smoothly in a little milk. Heat the milk almost to boiling, and pour, by degrees, in with the beaten egg and sugar.

Stir in the chocolate, beat well three minutes, and return to the inner kettle. Heat until it thickens well, stirring constantly; take from the fire and set aside to cool.

Many think a little vanilla an improvement. When the custard is cold, beat in the cream. Then freeze.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Second Edition of the Neighborhood Cook Book (1914)

Frozen Chocolate Parfait

Beat yolks of five eggs until very light. Add two tablespoons sugar. Put in a double boiler and stir until thick. Turn into bowl and add three tablespoons melted chocolate. Beat well and then add one pint stiffly beaten cream. Pack in ice three hours.

About Old Fashioned Chocolate Ice Cream Recipes

You will enjoy the amazing, all-natural chocolate flavoring in these ice creams, and since you get to choose how much chocolate to add, indulge yourself. Add extra!

Whether you make this frozen dessert in your refrigerator freezer, using an electric ice cream maker, or the old fashioned way in a wooden churn with a hand crank, these ice creams are easy to make and sure to please.

Frosty old fashioned ice cream flavored with rich milk or dark chocolate makes a richly elegant dessert to delight the palate of any chocolate lover.

Now, imagine it made with maraschino cherries added to the chocolate mixture. And served with dollops of real whipped cream and a cherry on top. Intrigued? Why not make some today?

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