Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Slice of Freeze Dried Ice CreamTasty Slice of Freeze Dried Ice Cream
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Homemade freeze dried ice cream! — I can hear Grandma now: "What will they ever think of next?" Grandma never envisioned space travel, let alone space ice cream.

It's easy to make delicious homemade ice cream using Grandma's old fashioned ice cream recipes, but there's no way you could ever send it into outer space without it disintegrating the instant it was opened.

And even if it were served within the pressurized International Space Station, there's no way an astronaut could eat Grandma's ice cream under weightlessness conditions. It would get pretty messy to say the least. But, if you freeze dry your ice cream, it can go into orbit, or anywhere else for that matter.

What IS Freeze Dried Ice Cream?

Here's the scoop on vacuum dried ice cream. (Sorry, but I couldn't resist a pun.) Since the early Apollo flights, astronauts have enjoyed a wide variety of space foods and ice cream is always a favorite treat.

Astronaut ice cream is real ice cream that has been quickly frozen to about minus 40°C  (-40°F) and then placed inside a vacuum chamber to remove all the moisture crystals, leaving only the ice cream particles.

So, what does it taste like? Believe it or not, it actually tastes just like ice cream! It's dry and crunchy when you first bite into it, but it quickly dissolves in your mouth leaving a deliciously creamy taste, and it comes in several flavors.

Watch the brief YouTube video below as an unidentified man tastes it for the first time.

This novelty food item is the perfect dessert idea for a kid's birthday party, and it makes a great snack for hiking or camping.

Really, space ice cream is great for snacking on at any time. No refrigeration is needed. You eat it right out of the sealed pouch it comes in.

Can Astronaut Ice Cream Be Homemade?

Occasionally, someone asks whether ice cream can be freeze dried at home. The answer to that question surprisingly is a definite YES.

With the new Harvest Right Freeze Dryer™, you can now dry and preserve your homemade ice cream and most other foods in your own kitchen.

In the following short YouTube video, a lady demonstrates how she freeze dries her homemade ice cream for snacks and long-term storage.

With an in-home freeze dryer and Grandma's old fashioned ice cream recipes, you can easily freeze dry your favorite ice creams to take on camping and fishing trips. You can even order your own Harvest Right Freeze Dryer™ from Amazon.

But, if you don't yet have an in-home freeze dryer appliance, freeze dried ice cream can be purchased ready to enjoy. You can find it at most hiking outfitters, and it can also be gotten online through Amazon at very reasonable prices, so be sure to try it. Grandma would have loved it!

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