DIY Valentine Mailbox

A vintage DIY Valentine Mailbox is the perfect party decoration for your Valentine's Day party. Imagine a decorative Cupid's Mailbox surrounded by a delicious assortment of homemade desserts and candies to celebrate the occasion.

Your party guests can use the decorated box to "mail" valentines to friends and loved ones at the party. Also, it makes a wonderful table centerpiece and focal point for your evening.

By simply changing the colors and doll figure, the mailbox could be suitably decorated to appeal to any age group or occasion.

Make a DIY Valentine Mailbox

Mom's Recipe Scrapbooks (c. 1920s)

Vintage Valentine CardVintage Cupid Valentine Card
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A Cupid's rose petal mailbox, guarded by a postman doll, makes an attractive centerpiece for the Valentine dessert table. Ribbons leading from the little red hearts, which may be used as place cards having the guest's name printed in white ink, are attached to the personalized valentines hidden within the box.

Old Time Cupid's Valentine Mailbox Table DecorationVintage DIY Valentine Mailbox Table Decoration

Another option is to have the Cupid's mailbox available for guests to post their own Valentines. They may bring prepared Valentines with them, or you can have available an assortment of funny Valentines and a pen handy for them to use.

The Valentines could be delivered by an appointed "postman" at dessert time. This table decoration is sure to be a hit at your next St. Valentine's party. Adults and kids alike will love its novelty.

Young Girl Cutting a Paper Heart for Valentine's DayChildren Love to Make Valentine Day Cards
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The vintage mailbox template illustrated below makes it easy and affordable to make — simply release your creativity. A larger PDF copy is available for instant downloading.

Vintage Template for Making a Cupid's Valentine MailboxDIY Valentine Mailbox Template with Dimensions

Cupid's mailbox is easy to make if the directions are followed carefully. Mark a lightweight piece of cardboard for the foundation according to the pattern in the illustration, and cut out the proper size.

Fold on the dotted lines and fasten the sides with paper clips or strips of clear tape.

Cut out the box cover, using the dimensions given on the plans, bend over the top and fasten to the sides with paper strips. Cut slits on the two sides through which the Valentines may be pulled.

The rose petal decoration on the top is made of two shades of crepe paper: salmon and pink, pink and white, or red and white.

Cut petals in the shape of the one shown in the lower-left corner of the diagram. Make the petal two and a half inches wide and three and a half inches long and cut so that the grain of the paper will run lengthways of the petal.

Place two petals together, with the darker shade underneath, and curl the two rounded sides on a knitting needle or pencil. Use paste for holding them in place. Cover the top and sides of the box with these petals, overlapping them as shown in the illustration.

Cover the ends of the box with crushed crepe paper in the lighter shade. First stretch the paper and then crumble it in the palms of the hands.

Decorate the top of the box with red cardboard hearts and a fluffy tulle bow. The color scheme may be further carried out by using pink crepe paper runners on the white tablecloth.

Vintage Valentine Mailbox DecorationDIY Valentine Mailbox

We'll now consider the optional cupid postman. The postman doll's cap is a circular band with a cardboard visor attached. It lends him the dignity necessary to see that the valentine mail is properly distributed.

For a kids' Valentine's Day party, it can be decorated in a popular children's theme, and a suitable figure substituted for the postman.

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