Simple Is the Key to Success

by Doug
(Eastern Shore of VA, USA)

Simple Breezes Produce Melodious Sounds

Simple Breezes Produce Melodious Sounds

Last spring, I built a simple Aeolian Harp, a basic 3/8-inch pine box with an 1/8-inch plywood top and bottom to fit horizontally across the width of my window frame on the windiest side of the house. The box has a two-inch round hole cut out for sound on the center of the top, and a couple of triangular shaped 1/2-inch high bridges are glued onto the top; one on each end, about 2 inches from the end.

I purchased nine brass Phillips flat-head screws and used a 1/16-inch drill bit to drill a hole just under the head of each screw to serve as tuning screws for the strings. Brass brads were used to anchor the other end of the strings.

I finished my box with a clear finish then purchased the least expensive brand of twenty-five-pound nylon fishing line at Walmart to use as string for my harp. I did not bother to tune the strings since I am not musically inclined but tightened each sting until it was taut.

The Aeolian Window Harp was placed in the window frame. The window was lowered to about one inch above the box, allowing about equal spacing above and below the strings to channel the breeze across the nylon strings. If necessary, I used a block of wood to level my window harp and another to adjust the window height.

I enjoyed the relaxing melodies from the breezes all summer!

Best of wishes with your window harp.

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Simple Window Harp
by: Don (Webmaster

Doug, thank you so much for sharing the details on how you built your Aeolian harp. I am sure the success of your project will inspire others to build their own version.

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