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It's always fun to get free recipe downloads. As a thank you for visiting my website, I'm pleased to present you with this high quality collection of the best dessert recipe ebooks and online video courses available on the Internet.

Thanks to Craftsy, everything you see described below is FREE for you to download, print out, and instantly enjoy.

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Baking Essentials for Beginners

Here's a wealth of handy tips and foolproof techniques for home bakers to help you achieve the best results possible. Learn how to fix dry cake, which flour to choose, and more.

Download your FREE 33-page PDF Ebook or print it instantly

Delicious Doughnut Recipes You Can Make at Home

You get 6 step-by-step tutorials come complete with foolproof recipes and insider tricks for making the most amazing doughnuts you can imagine.

Download your FREE 35-page PDF Ebook or print it instantly

Death by Chocolate:
The Ultimate Chocolate Baking Guide

Enjoy 5 complete tutorials featuring helpful tips, step-by-step techniques, and complete recipes for making dark chocolate souffles, the ultimate chocolate brownie, and more.

Download your FREE 22-page PDF Ebook or print it instantly

Cute Holiday Cake Pops:
10 Step-by-Step Tutorials

This guide is jam-packed with 10 step-by-step tutorials complete with recipes, expert tips, and festive designs for celebrating 10 holiday occasions.

Download your FREE 45-page PDF Ebook or print it instantly

Not-So-Basic Buttercream Decorating Ideas

Get 5 step-by-step tutorials, plus complete buttercream recipes, insider tips, and creative design techniques for decorating eye-popping cakes and cupcakes.

Download your FREE 22-page PDF Ebook or print it instantly

Fabulous Fondant Topper Tutorials

Learn how to create adorable fondant cake and cupcake toppers to make your baked goods really stand out. Model the cutest fondant faces, mini sneakers, numbers, and more.

Download your FREE 33-page PDF Ebook or print it instantly

Royal Icing Techniques for Stunning Sugar Cookies

Learn how to decorate cookies with royal icing, featuring 6 step-by-step tutorials with a must-have royal icing recipe and plenty of design ideas and piping tricks.

Download your FREE 27-page PDF Ebook or print it instantly

I Can't Believe It's Not Store-Bought:
6 DIY Pantry Staples

Tired of baking with processed foods? Here's how to make 6 do-it-yourself pantry staples including marshmallow fluff, sweetened condensed milk, and buttermilk. You'll love these free recipe downloads.

Download your FREE 25-page PDF Ebook or print it instantly

Download Free Mini-Courses

The Wilton Method: Creative Cake Pops

Over one hour of close-up instruction will start you off making gorgeous cake pops in no time flat. Complete with must-have recipes and pro tips and techniques to help you release your creativity and achieve amazing results.

4 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access.

Enroll in your FREE Cake Pops Course

Modern Buttercream

You get almost 90 minutes of close-up instruction for decorating with buttercream. Learn the pro techniques to cut, level, fill, and crumb coat your layers before adding a smooth or textured buttercream finish. The special buttercream recipe alone is worth getting!

5 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access.

Enroll in your FREE Buttercream Course

Basic Fondant Techniques

Learn basic fondant decorating techniques in more than an hour of close-up instruction. Includes rolling fondant, covering both square and round cakes, forming and attaching unique decorations, pro applique techniques, and stunning inlay embellishments.

10 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access.

Enroll in your FREE Basic Fondant Course

The Hand Painted Cake

You get over 2 hours of close-up instruction on how to paint your cakes with beautiful floral designs and achieve jaw-dropping results. Learn to paint freehand or by using an easy tracing transfer method. You'll achieve amazing results in no time to wow your friends.

5 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access.

Enroll in your FREE Cake Painting Course

Complete Knife Skills

This is a must-watch course for any home cook. Learn expert cutting techniques in almost 2 hours of close-up instruction. Master holding your knives for safety and efficiency, and the 4 main cutting methods. Also, the pro techniques of sharpening and honing.

4 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access.

Enroll in your FREE Knife Skills Course

Download Free Printables

Homemade Food Gift Tags

Make attractive Food Tags for labeling your baked goods and edible gifts. They are designed with room for your signature and an expiration date to add a personal touch.

Download your FREE Printable Food Gift Tags

Homemade Recipe Cards

Print personalized recipe cards to record your favorite baking recipes. Use them to develop your own cookbook or to organize your favorite dessert recipes.

Download your FREE Printable Recipe Cards

Metric Conversion Guide

Free Metric Conversion Guide to convert weights, measures, length, baking temperature, pan size, and more. Never be left wondering about recipe quantities again.

Download your FREE Printable Metric Conversion Guide

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