Valentine Party Ideas for Kids

Valentine Party Ideas for Younger KidsValentine Party Ideas for Younger Kids
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Vintage Valentine party ideas for kids are fun and very affordable. Saint Valentine's Day offers the perfect excuse for a get-together, so why not invite friends over to share the afternoon or evening with your family? Let everyone contribute special desserts and use these party suggestions to make it a fun time for the children.

The stores are often busy as February 14th approaches, so be sure to plan ahead and gather all the things you'll need in advance. Read over the ideas below and make a shopping list of the items you'll need. Then, with your list in hand, get enough party supplies for everyone.

By planning one year ahead, you can could cut the cost of your party supplies almost in half. Most stores reduce the cost of unsold stock the day after the holiday, so you can often save money and get those fancy decorations you would never have considered when they were being sold at their full price.

Valentine Party Ideas for Kids

Use these vintage Valentine party ideas to make the holiday extra special for your children. These activities were enjoyed by kids in Grandma's day, and they're still fun today.

Kids Love Valentine Dress Up Games

Dressing up can turn your Saint Valentine's Day party into a memorable celebration. Have a box of colorful accessories at the ready, and once the children have all arrived, encourage them to dress in fancy attire.

It doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive to be fun. Red Hawaiian leis are popular, as are classic feather face masks and glow necklaces. Paper party hats are always a hit, especially if you can get them in Valentine colors.

Valentine's Day buttons or stickers can be fastened to the guest's clothing. Candy necklaces for the girls and candy rings or whistles for the boys will be appreciated as fun treats.

And don't forget face painting. The kids will love having Valentine hearts painted on their faces in red, white, and pink face paint. It will make the event seem extra special.

Valentine Mailbox

A decorated Valentine Mailbox is always a hit and remains one of the best Valentine party ideas for kids. Guests can bring Valentines and "mail" them to their friends by depositing them in the mail box when they arrive.

A selection of Valentines can be placed nearby for guests to fill out during the celebration. Humorous cards are always a hit. Near the end of the evening, appoint the child who won the most prizes (or the least prizes) to deliver the mail.

Kids Love Crafts

When it comes to Valentine party ideas for kids, consider doing crafts. Most kids love to make things in a group, so give them an opportunity to have fun with their friends and learn something new.

For example, why not introduce them to the wonders of indoor gardening? Let them decorate small flowerpots with heart stickers, then show them how to add potting soil and plant seeds. A plastic drop sheet on the floor makes for easy cleanup later.

Each child can create his or her very own flower or herb garden that will grow in their bedrooms as they add a little water each day. The little plants will grow before their eyes, and they'll remember the fun they had at your party.

Valentine Day crafts for kids and toddler Valentine crafts are available elsewhere on my site and would be perfect for a party setting.

Prizes Double the Fun

Most Valentine activities can be adapted for prize giving. Players of all ages love to win prizes! And here's the best part: prizes don't have to be expensive to be enjoyed. They can be as simple as homemade paper hearts that can be used as coupons.

For instance, a heart coupon could be traded in for an afternoon with Mom spent playing a board game or a day off with no chores. Or, how about a trip to the local Dairy Queen® for an ice cream treat, or a trip to the dollar store with Dad to purchase a small toy.

If kids outside the family are present at the party, you can have a special prize basket containing small, colorfully wrapped prizes like Valentine candies, puzzles, and novelty joke items.

Don't Forget Vintage Party Games

When it comes to Valentine party ideas, vintage games will get the party started and are sure to break the ice for those that are shy.

Puss in the Corner

This old time game is really for five players only, but, by a little arrangement, six or seven children can take part in the fun. Four players take their places in the different corners of the room, while the fifth stands in the middle. If a greater number of children wish to play, other parts of the room must be named "corners," so that there is a corner for everyone.

The fun consists in the players trying to change places without being caught; but they are bound to call "Puss, puss," first, and to beckon to the one they wish to change with. As soon as they leave their corners the player in the center tries to get into one of them. When the center player succeeds in getting into a corner, the one who has been displaced has to take his place in the middle of the room.

Simon Says

Seat yourselves in a circle and choose one of the company to be the leader, or Simon. His or her duty is to order all sorts of different things to be done, the funnier the better, which must be obeyed only when the order begins with "Simon says."

As, for instance, "Simon says: 'Thumbs up!'" which, of course, all obey; then maybe comes: "Thumbs down!" which should not be obeyed, because the order did not commence with "Simon says." A forfeit must be paid for each time this rule is forgotten. "Hands over eyes," "Stamp the right foot," "Pull the left ear," etc., are the kind of orders to be given.

Hunt the Ring

A long piece of sturdy string or red ribbon is required for this vintage party game. On this a ring is threaded, and the ends of the string are knotted together. The players then take the string in their hands and form a circle, while one of the company who's called the hunter, stands in the center.

The string must be passed rapidly round and round, and the players must try to prevent the hunter finding out who holds the ring. As soon as he has done this, he takes his place in the circle, while the person who held the ring becomes the "hunter."

Valentine's Day Word Games Spell F-U-N

Kids love simple puzzles and word games. For example, here's a simple Valentine word game: Hang a "Happy Valentine's Day" banner on the wall, then give kids a pencil and paper and five minutes to write down as many words as they can using only those letters.

You'll find other Valentine Day games available on my site, and depending on the ages involved, you might have to pair a younger child with one who's in a higher grade at school. A small prize can be awarded the child or pair finding the most words.

These affordable Valentine party ideas for kids can offer loads of fun, laughs, and quality time together. Encourage everyone to participate and enjoy an old fashioned celebration.

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