Old Fashioned Ice Cream Freezer

White Mountain Ice Cream FreezerWhite Mountain Ice Cream Freezer, c. 1930
(Source: Don Bell)

If you're wondering why you should consider getting an old fashioned ice cream freezer, read this quote from Grandma's vintage White Mountain Freezer booklet:

"If you will choose your own ingredients and have them frozen in a White Mountain Freezer, you can have the most delicious ice cream that can possibly be made. The same ingredients in any other freezer would NOT produce the same results; the difference is in the beating."

The little booklet goes on to say that the triple motion of the freezer beats the cream three times as much as ordinary freezers do making it smoother, richer, and creamier tasting. That's why it makes the best-tasting frozen desserts imaginable.

The GOOD NEWS is this traditional hand-crank freezer is still being manufactured today. You can still buy one!

Ice Cream Maker History

Ice Cream FreezerAntique, Old Fashioned Ice Cream Freezer
(Source: ©fpwing_c/Depositphotos.com)

Tired of the time and effort involved in making frozen ices by hand, Nancy Johnson, a New England housewife, invented the first mechanical ice cream churn in 1843. Powered by a hand crank, her brainchild featured an "S"-shaped dasher that efficiently scraped the sides of the pot as it revolved to prevent ice crystals from forming.

Compared to the old sarbotiere-style pot freezers, Johnson's froze the mixture faster and with much less effort. It was a clever idea, and its basic design is still being used.

Amazingly, Johnson sold the rights to her invention for $200 to William G. Young, a Philadelphia wholesaler. He must have been a decent fellow for he generously acknowledged Nancy by naming his new acquisition the "Johnson Patent Ice-Cream Freezer" when he patented it on May 30, 1848. Young manufactured and marketed the "Johnson freezers" at the affordable price of $3 each.

The mechanical churn quickly captured the public's attention and brought ice cream making to a much wider segment of the population. These new appliances were not only used in homes, but they were also used in small confectionery shops and restaurants to make freshly frozen ices faster and more affordable; then as now, time meant money.

Soon, many companies became involved in manufacturing hand-cranked freezers patterned after Nancy Johnson's and numerous patents were issued as entrepreneurs worked to improve the basic design.

However, one company stood head and shoulders above the rest and its original, hand-cranked, wooden-tub ice cream machine is manufactured to this very day — White Mountain®.

Why Grandma Loved Her Freezer

White Mountain Freezer BookletFreezer Booklet, c. 1930

As Grandma's White Mountain booklet explained it:

"The Triple Motion is the secret of the great success of the White Mountain Freezer. It operates two sets of beaters moving in opposite directions and simultaneously revolves the can. Instead of working the cream round and round in a circle, these beaters operate from the center to the outside and from the outside back to the center, thus keeping the cream thoroughly mixed and the temperature even throughout."

The patented, triple action beating gives the frozen cream unequaled smoothness. Every portion of the mixture is whipped and beaten quickly and evenly, leaving no trace of the flaky granular texture often noticeable in other homemade ice creams.

I find the quality of the White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer to be nothing short of amazing. These machines are constructed as they were by artisans over 130 years ago. The tubs are handcrafted of 3/4-inch select New England white-pine staves held together the old-fashioned way with galvanized hoops, and the wood is finished with several coats of sealer, stain, and lacquer.

The cans are made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and the dasher is constructed of nickel-plated cast iron with imported Norwegian Beechwood self-adjusting blades. This is a machine that's built to last.

Sorry, but I can't help it...

I love the White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer!

True, it does cost more than most ice cream makers, but if you are serious about making your own frozen treats at home, consider this machine an investment that's well worth the money paid.

This is one of those times when you get more than what you pay for. This machine will bring your family tons of enjoyment. Any of Grandma's old fashioned ice cream recipes can be used with it to make delicious frozen treats.

Choosing a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

If you would like to make ice cream for yourself and for your family now and then, the White Mountain 4-quart model will do nicely.

However, if you have a large family and need to make lots of ice cream, or if operate your own bed and breakfast, get the White Mountain 6-quart electric model. It's larger than the 4-quart model, and it comes fitted with an electric motor that rests above the hand-crafted bucket. The motor in this professional electric model does all the hard churning work for you.

Don't make too much at one time, though, as homemade ice cream must be eaten within a day or two, or it loses much of its freshness. It doesn't store as long as the commercial variety, since it does not contain any preservatives; that's why it's healthier. However, the old fashioned ice cream tastes so good that I've never found storage to be a problem. We eat it all!.

Grandma's Secret

White Mountain 4-Quart Freezer

Buy a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer and discover Grandma's little secret to making the best homemade ice cream — simply use the best ingredients in the best appliance!

These quality machines are often hard to find locally, so I searched for you and found the best online source with the best price.

Click the following links to learn more about this wonderful appliance by reading the helpful user reviews, and to get today's best price:

4-Quart Hand-Crank Freezer

6-Quart Electric Machine

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can have your old fashioned ice cream freezer delivered right to your door. Begin to make homemade ice cream the way Grandma made it and taste the difference.

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