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Welcome! Are you new to Homemade Dessert Recipes? Start here and let me show you how to navigate my website, how to save the dessert recipes so they are easy to find later, and how to easily find Grandma's recipes online using your favorite search engine.

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Baking Homemade Cookies with GranddaughterWhy Not Start by Baking Homemade Cookies?
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There are thousands of old fashioned dessert recipes featured on this website. You'll read them exactly as they were first published years ago and have the fun of preparing them as Grandma did.

Why not begin by baking a batch of old fashioned cookies? There are several kinds to choose from, and there are proven recipes for homemade cakes and pies too.

Are you interested in dessert history? If so, journey back in time and try the historical dessert recipes from the Renaissance Era. Enjoy a taste of history.

You will also find items of fun and nostalgia peppered throughout the site, including streamed old time radio shows to enjoy. Start here if nostalgia interests you.

So Many Memories

Your website brings back so many memories of the older days, when family meant the heart of life, and the kitchen and dining tables were the center of much good talk and homemade cooking.

Home makers back then knew the art of a spoonful of love in each homespun meal. I love scanning your site to see the gems from long ago. —Maggie, USA

Things to Know While Browsing My Site

  • Words that are sky blue in color and appear underlined when your cursor hovers over them are always clickable.
  • As you scroll down the page, an orange Top button will appear at the lower right. Simply click on it and instantly jump to the Top.
  • Need Help? If you find yourself puzzled about old time oven temperatures and measurements, click on the Red Help Button found on recipe pages or on Cooking Hints under Help in the top menu bar.
  • Beneath the Related Pages You Might Like heading at the bottom of recipe pages, you'll find a link back to the dessert category menu, so you can choose from other popular recipes.

How to Find Specific Recipes

Menu Bar

The Menu bar appears at the top of every page. It displays the categories of recipes, nostalgia, and help featured on this site. Always start at the Menu when looking for a topic.

Select the Dessert categories to access the many kinds of dessert recipes available. And while you're at it, check out Holiday and International categories too!

Dessert Finder

Under my Menu's Help category, select Dessert Finder. Use Google's Custom Search engine to find a specific recipe or ingredient from among the thousands of old fashioned recipes featured on this site. Helpful instructions are provided on the page.

Browser Bookmark

When you spot a recipe you like, use your browser's Bookmark feature to bookmark the page and keep it handy for accessing later.

Firefox Bookmark ExampleFirefox Bookmark Example

Finding Grandma's Recipes Online

While Grandma's recipes are readily available on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines, sometimes they can be difficult to find because of continually changing search patterns and big-brand competition.

So, here's a sure way to search for Grandma's old fashioned recipes. Search for my name, Don Bell, and the name of the homemade dessert recipe wanted.

For example, enter something like this in the search box: "Don Bell homemade cut out cookie recipes."

Google Search ExampleGoogle Search Example

Then, simply scroll down the search engine results until you see a link to, and a description of the wanted recipe.

Google Search Result ExampleGoogle Search Result Example

How to Share Grandma's Recipes

The colorful social sharing icons at the bottom of every recipe page are for you. They offer an easy way of sharing Grandma's popular recipes with your friends and family, so they can enjoy the taste of nostalgia too.

Simply click the button to share the recipe post on the social media platform of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr.

Do you like to Pin? Pinterest is a fun way to save and organize Grandma's recipes so you can find them later. Some of my recipe pages feature large photos at the bottom that are easy to pin (see below), and I'm always busy adding more as time permits.

By sharing, you'll be helping to keep Grandma's old fashioned dessert recipes alive and online. Thank you.

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