Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine Day Crafts with PaperValentine Day Crafts with Paper Cutting
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These vintage Valentine Day crafts for kids offer the perfect opportunity for children to create colorful party decorations, "Happy Valentine's Day" cards, and gifts that both parents and grandparents will always treasure.

Kids will always try to do their best, but the finished appearance of the craft item really doesn't matter to the recipient, as it's appreciated and cherished for the love that has gone into its making.

Affordable Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

Grandma's Hint

Keeping a small supply of construction paper and paints on hand can, at a moment's notice, help to keep children creatively busy on rainy days when there's little else to do.

If you have young children around or can borrow your grandchildren for an afternoon, you can save money on Valentine party decorations by asking for their help. You can bet they'll be full of unique ideas on how to decorate your house for St. Valentine's Day.

The vintage-style Valentine Day crafts for kids given below are easy for children to make. True, the results mightn't look as professional as Martha Stewart's, but your family room will look youthful and festive.

The kids will have tons of creative fun, but even better, the entire family can join in and have fun making Valentine decorations and displaying them.

The homemade party decorations can be used for more than one season if they are stored safely in a cardboard box or plastic container to keep them new looking for the following year. They'll continue to create fond memories for all who see them and be treasured for many years to come.

Thankfully, construction paper, newsprint, and washable markers are very affordable  and when used with basic items found around the house such as tape and scissors, these Valentine Day crafts for kids offer a great way for youngsters to have fun.

Keep things simple and affordable by only decorating the room you'll be using for the party. Sometimes less is more in avoiding a cluttered appearance.

Younger kids can use children's safety scissors for paper cutting, but for the youngest preschoolers, it's always best to choose toddler Valentine crafts that do not require the use of scissors.

Now, let's look at some easy Valentine Day crafts for kids.

Make Paper Valentine Cards

Colored construction paper has long been a favorite craft material for making Valentine cards, and a pad of construction paper offers the best value for the money compared to purchasing single sheets.

Start with a pad of red sheets, pink sheets, and white sheets as these colors are most associated with Saint Valentine's Day. Also get a pad of multicolored sheets. Your local craft store, department store, or office supply should have all the construction paper you need for the job.

Kids love cutting out paper hearts to make cards, writing silly Valentine verses, and then giving them to family and friends.

Make Paper Valentine Day Hearts

Paper hearts are an obvious first craft project for kids. All children enjoy cutting hearts traced on the red or pink construction paper. If they're old enough, show them how to fold a small sheet of paper in half and then starting near the fold trace the outline of half a heart which, when carefully cut and opened, will reveal a perfectly shaped heart for Valentine's Day.

Making paper hearts is one of the all-time favorite Valentine Day crafts for kids, and they never tire of cutting them in all shapes and sizes, so have plenty of colored construction paper handy.

Heart patterns in various sizes precut from stiff cardboard can be used as tracing templates by the younger children. Encourage the kids to trace and cut large and small hearts out of pink, red, and white construction paper. You can help them to use pinking shears to give some of the hearts a unique ragged-edged design — call them "alligator teeth" scissors and the younger kids will love it.

Although pink, red, and white are the usual colors associated with St. Valentine's Day, the kids may want to make hearts using different colors as well. Try not to discourage this as they are simply being creative, and an orange, green, or purple heart will be made with just as much love as a pink one, and it might be treasured even more.

White paper hearts with a slightly smaller red heart glued onto them make beautiful Valentine greeting cards that the child can give to anyone. A suitable "Be My Valentine" message can be added to the card with colored pencils, crayons, or washable markers — washable markers are easier on clothing.

Make Paper Valentine Day Banners

Have a set of alphabet stencils on hand so kids can make large letters that spell out "Be My Valentine," "I Love You Valentine," or "Happy Valentine's Day!" Plastic stencils are more durable than cardboard ones and much easier for children to use. The letters they cut out of construction paper can be any color they want, so some projects could turn out to be quite colorful.

Once the letters are cut, they can be either taped or glued to a length of yarn or string and made into a banner. The addition of a bit of decorative glitter or some small stickers can make the paper letters stand out even more.

Finished banners can be proudly displayed in a doorway, above a window, or on the wall with an adult's help. They make terrific Valentine decorations, and they're a fun Valentine Day craft for kids to make.

Make Valentine Party Paper Chains

Kids can use construction paper to make attractive party decorations. Narrow strips of red, white, and pink paper can be circled on a vase or lamp to decorate it for the occasion. Also, cut heart, cupid, and arrow shaped pieces from the paper for use as table decorations and place-cards.

A homemade paper chain or garland in alternating colors of red and white or pink and white makes an extremely attractive Valentine party decoration. To make a traditional paper chain, simply cut 8-inch wide pieces of construction paper into one-inch wide strips. Interlock the strips by either glueing or taping the ends and create a link chain as long as you need.

A colorful paper garland is perfect for a Valentine party decoration, and a paper chain hung along one wall of the family room or across the room from one corner to another will appear very festive and serve to remind everyone that it's Valentine's Day.

Cloth Furniture Covers for a Valentine Party

Girl Painting Valentine DecorationGirl Painting Valentine Party Decoration
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When it comes to kid's Valentine Day crafts, here's a really neat idea. A unique party decoration can be made from a simple cloth furniture cover. It can transform your living room into a personalized party room year after year. Here's how:

Take the measurements of the chair or couch and cut a piece of a white or pink colored cloth to fit it so it drapes almost to the floor. Now, spread the cloth out on a clean floor and let the kids start decorating it for the occasion.

They can cut out words and heart shapes from colored felt and fasten them to the cloth with a suitable glue. The names of each family member and pet can be featured along with the traditional Valentine greetings.

Washable fabric markers or fabric paints could also be used to create designs and lettering. A plastic drop sheet beneath the cloth will catch any paint drips or spatters. As the children grow older, this holiday furniture cover will be a treasured keepsake evoking fond memories each Valentine's Day it's used.

Make Valentine LOVE Buttons and Badges

If your kids have rubber stamps with hearts or "Love" designs on them, they can be used with construction paper to create badges or buttons for the whole family to wear. Once the button shapes are cut out, the kids can stamp them to their heart's content and then give the decorated buttons to friends and family members. The "LOVE" buttons can be fastened safely to any shirt or top with a bit of rolled tape.

Make Popsicle® Stick Valentine Coasters

Since the Popsicle® was first sold in back in 1928, those little wooden sticks have been a favored craft material with children and used to make a wide variety of items. Affordable, and easy to paint and glue together, they are perfect for Valentine Day crafts for kids.

Popsicle® sticks can be glued together to make drink coasters. Hearts and arrows can be painted on them using watercolor paints, and traditional Valentine greetings can be added like, "Be My Valentine" and "Won't You Be Mine?" and "Love U" and so on. The coasters can be placed on coffee tables or used at mealtime as holiday table decorations.

Or, when hand painted pink or bright red and let dry, Popsicle® sticks can be glued on construction paper to make words for a valentine poster that says, "I Love You — Be My Valentine!" Sticks could also be glued together on their edges to make a small Valentine mailbox to hold Valentine cards. Paper or hand-drawn hearts or cupids could be used as decorations.

Popsicle® Stick Puppets

Puppets are fascinating to kids. Creating their own puppets is easy, and it's lots of fun. All you need are some Popsicle® sticks, construction paper, safety scissors, markers, and glue.

Kids can cut people and animal shapes out of construction paper, then draw faces and other details with washable markers. Glue the craft stick to the back of the shape, let dry, and they're ready to put on an impromptu puppet show.

Wall and Door Painting for a Valentine Party

Getting to Paint on a WallGetting to Paint on a Wall Is Always Fun
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Just imagine being a young boy or girl and getting the official okay to draw and paint on a wall or door. Talk about Valentine Day crafts for kids, this is pure fun!

Prepare a wall or door by first tacking up a large piece of thin, protective plastic sheeting, the kind that's used by painters. Also lay a protective drop sheet on the floor. Sheets of newsprint taped to the plastic will make an ideal surface for the kids to draw on with their crayons or colorful felt markers.

Rolls of inexpensive newsprint are ideal for drawing on, and end-rolls can often be purchased from local newspaper offices for next to nothing in cost. Newsprint rolls come in various widths and could be overlapped to almost cover a wall.

Dress the kids in old painting clothes and watch their creativity flow. They'll love drawing life-sized pictures and colorful holiday designs.

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