Toddler Valentine Crafts

Vintage Toddler Valentine Crafts IllustrationVintage Toddler Valentine Crafts
(PD Source: Unknown Magazine, c.1920s)

Your preschoolers will love these toddler Valentine crafts. After all, St. Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday for crafts. Even the youngest kids love to be involved, and making your own Valentines is fun whatever the age, and especially when you're a preschooler.

Because the craft ideas below do NOT require the use of scissors, toddlers won't feel left out. They can safely join in with the rest of the family without needing constant supervision. Therefore, Mom or Dad can be free to spend equal time with each child. The craft ideas below allow preschoolers to make beautiful cards and gifts they can be proud to display and give to loved ones.

Simple Toddler Valentine Crafts for Creative Fun Without Scissors

It's important that preschoolers can make crafts without using scissors. Unlike most Valentine Day crafts for older kids, the arts and crafts below do NOT require the use of scissors, yet they are real Valentine crafts that are fun and creative for the child to make.

Finger Painting Craft

Toddler Finger PaintingToddler Finger Painting Valentines
(Source: ©alena-yakusheva/

All toddlers love to paint, especially when using their fingers. They are quick to learn that painting is fun and safe. With red and white finger paints, they can have a great time decorating almost anything, and often themselves, with a Valentine theme.

First, though, you'll need to prepare a safe painting area for this toddler Valentine craft, so the kids can finger paint to their heart's content without your house looking like a major construction zone. A washable tablecloth or, even better, a painter's plastic drop sheet spread on the floor should protect the furniture from the splatter of paints.

Be sure to dress the kids in some old play clothes, so they won't ruin their good clothes — they WILL get paint on them. And that's okay!

Making hand prints in the paint is a fun activity for toddlers. Using their little palms, fingers, and fists smeared with paint, they can make Valentine's Day heart shapes on the paper. You can help them to alternate white and red prints for the hearts or let them discover how to mix the white and red paints together to make shades of pink.

Have them dip a finger in the red finger paint and gently guide their hand to write "I LOVE YOU" on a small sheet of construction paper to make a special Valentine greeting card for a grandparent. Believe me, it will be treasured.

Easy Finger Paint Recipe

Combine 1 cup white flour, 1/4 cup salt, and several drops of food coloring in 3/4 cup cold water. You may need to add an additional tablespoon or two of water to achieve the proper consistency for finger painting.

Pudding Finger Paint Recipe

Kids love to finger paint, but of all toddler Valentine crafts, it's maybe the messiest, and there's also the concern about them eating the paint. Even if the paints you've chosen are nontoxic, it can make cautious parents uneasy. So, why not let them paint with pudding?

You don't need different pudding flavors to make different colors. Just use one serving of plain vanilla pudding, divide it up into small portions, and add food coloring to create various shades. Give your toddler a paper plate to use as a canvas for his masterpiece. And if he or she happens to eat it, no worries.

Play Dough

Play dough is always fun for kids, so here's a safe and easy play dough recipe:

Mix together 1 cup white flour, 1 teaspoon cream of tartar, 1 cup cooking oil, 1/2 cup salt, and a few drops of food coloring. Allowing your toddler to choose the color is all part of the enjoyment. Be sure to store it in an airtight container.

Paper Flower Craft

Vintage Paper Flower Craft For ToddlersToddler Paper Flower Crafts
(PD Source: Unknown Magazine, c.1920s)

Preschoolers love to give the gift of flowers for Valentine's Day, especially flowers that they've made themselves. Give your toddler as many sheets of tissue paper in a variety of colors and sizes as it would take to make tiny flower bouquets for each of their Valentines.

The great thing about tissue paper is that it actually resembles a flower when it's crumpled up, and toddlers love to crumple paper. This craft is loads of fun for them, and you can join in the fun and return to your own childhood memories too.

When the tissue paper is crumpled enough, show the child how to fasten several crumpled sheets together using a fuzzy pipe cleaner, and how to fluff them up to look like flowers.

Tiny hands might find the pipe cleaners a bit difficult to manage, so you might have to wrap the pipe cleaner around the tissue paper bundle and then let the child shape the flower.

Construction Paper Hearts

As toddler Valentine crafts go, there's no better idea than making a decorative heart. Small hearts PREcut from red and pink construction paper can make cabinets and doors look festive. Kids can have fun placing the hearts anywhere they can find a good location, the more the better. Large hearts can be attractively displayed on the walls and pinned to curtains.

The use of tape can mark the walls and furniture, so to avoid any damage, tape a loop of thread to the back of the hearts so they can be hung on drawer pulls, doorknobs, plants, chair arms, and so on. You can temporarily remove several pictures from the walls and let the kids hang the larger Valentine hearts from the picture hangers instead.

Push pins or tacks can be safely inserted on the top corners of door trim by an adult, and a length of thread can be strung between them from which a row of small red hearts can be attached with paper clips. A multitude of paper hearts will quickly make any room appear festive and party-like.

Valentine Balloons

Vintage Valentine Balloon Fun

Have you thought of getting balloons for St. Valentine's Day? Every preschooler loves balloons. Balloons in red, white, and pink give a very joyful appearance to any Valentine party. You could even get some red balloons shaped like hearts. Youngsters have great fun batting them around and trying to keep them afloat for the longest time.

And don't forget the age-old trick of rubbing a balloon briskly on clothing and then pressing it against the wall so it will cling to the flat surface. Children never tire of being amazed by it and will want to try it for themselves.

Afterwards, you could play the old time parlor game of trying to be the first person to break a balloon just by sitting on it. This never fails to add surprise and excitement.

Toddler Valentine Crafts with Foam

With today's supplies from craft stores, you can find all kinds of materials to make Valentine decorations. Foam shapes can be purchased ready to punch out and apply to whatever surface is wanted. If you cannot find foam sheets where you live, PREcut some corrugated cardboard shapes from an old box instead. Cardboard is much cheaper, it can be colored with crayons, and it'll be just as much fun as foam for the young child to work with.

Instead of using a bottle of glue, use glue sticks to stick the foam or cardboard pieces together. Glue sticks are less messy and a lot easier for a toddler to handle and use.

Here's another toddler Valentine craft idea:

If you have digital family photos, print out a picture of your youngster, carefully cut out your child's face from the printed photo, and assist him or her in gluing it into the center of a small sheet of foam or cardboard. After your child decorates the sheet with smaller shapes and hearts of red paper or paint, the finished craft can be given to grandparents as a unique St. Valentine's Day card.

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